Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I know. I'm late. Sorry guys! I have been sooo busy. Lots to tell, but first to get down to business...

Weigh in from Sunday 287.2. That is a .2lb loss. Not complaining though a loss is a loss is a loss and it definitely is not a gain! To be honest...it may not even be accurate. Late last week , my scale batteries went dead, then Saturday I participated in a fantastic Girl's Night Out (GNO)with my sister and BFF Amy. We went to Maggiano's Little Italy and did the Family Style Menu (why did I capitalize all that..lol, probably because of the importance of food in my life..duh) A ton of foods to try. I tried them and I know I went over my calories for the day, but I still controlled my portions. I rarely drink, but I did have a glass of wine with dinner. Then we took (GNO) to a hotel where we rented a suite and played some board games, drain some Clementine Svedka (NICE) and slept in. No hubby's snoring, no kids waking me up in the morning...just nice peaceful sleep.

Of course, the minute we checked out I had to run and get my kids and meet my fam at my grandparent's for my Grandpa's 75th birthday party. All of this lead up to no weigh in first thing in the morning. Grandpa's party was going to be full of bad food. Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Salad, Corn with lots of butter. I did convince my mom to pick up a Rotisserie Chicken for me (thanks mom!) My sister, Snoozi (name changed to protect the guilty), who is also trying to be more heath conscious brought a Spring Mix salad and a fruit tray. All in all thanks to them, I did really well that day and even had the tiniest piece of German Chocolate Cake. Picked up batteries on the way home. Weighed in. So...287.2 until next week, anyway, right?

Monday night was my father in laws birthday party (I told you I was busy this weekend) we went to O'Charlies for dinner. I ordered off the 550 cal menu, but the extras got me...I'll call it a mini failure because I did decline the cake and the mini dessert that came with my meal. I finished today at 1023 calories...worked hard to stay on track today.

Oh and my fitbit broke. The display just stopped working. It was still uploading to my computer, but I couldn't see how I was doing all day. Best Buy exchanged it without issue, I can now continue to monitor my own every move ;)

This post seems soooo boring to me. Sorry guys...too much LIFE this week. I am not complaining, it was all good, all celebration, just boring stuff.

On to announcements...I have some great posts planned. I think I am going to start doing some feature type stuff on top of my regular check-ins. I have been kicking around introducing you all to some of the beautiful people in my life that get me from day to day. There will be a lot of good stuff coming up surrounding the Komen and my training!

This is post 99, the only thing stopping you from winning gift cards and a great book is the time space time continuum. See ya on the flip!


  1. That GNO sounds like a blast. Wow, lots of food happenings in a few days. That's great that your mother and sister chipped in to help you get through the first b-day party. Looking forward to the great posts to come...Happy 99.

  2. Yes my dear you HAVE been busy!! You are doing so great!! keep up the good work and hang in there!

  3. Love the idea of the gno! The whole night to have fun and relax...love it!

    I've wanted to host a "mom pajama party" but never have...I think it'd be fun=))

    Good job...with all the food you were faced with it sounds like you made great choices=))

    Enjoy your day!!