Sunday, March 13, 2011

Losses and Gains

It seems this weekend I lost more than an hour of sleep. I lost another .8 lbs. This brings my weight to 284.8. I am jonesin' for the 270's. They are within my reach, but I can't help but think I'd be closer to them if it weren't for my visitor and all the business she brings. It's a beautiful day in Missouri and I can't wait to get out in it! I only made it to the birthday party yesterday so I have double duty today. Haircuts, shopping, food prep Sunday....the list goes on.

More and more of my family seem to be taking strides in getting healthier! My aunt and her husband are on the South Beach diet, my sister has a trainer and seems to be following a food plan, and I think I gained a Six Flags challenge partner in my cousin. It was her son's birthday party, so we all got together at my aunt's house and she relayed some of the same experiences I had before I quit going. July 4th. I think I need to lose like 40lbs for it to be viable, but It's 4 months away and I believe it is do-able.

I also gained a .8 mile walk yesterday in my aunt's neighborhood while I successfully avoided the birthday cake. It's my first outdoor walk since September. The roadway seemed flat on the way in, so I thought it would be easy and I would maybe do it 2 or three times, but the path through the woods opened up to a hill, I hadn't quite expected, but powered through. Unfortunately, it left my attempts at doing it more than once a little cold, but I walked instead of eating cake, so I am calling it a victory.

It's 8: 50. I am eating my breakfast of peanut butter Sandwich Thins and Yogurt. My kids are up and in the bath. I am already dressed. Today is already so much different than yesterday and they will just keep getting better.


  1. Its always hard to stick with our weight management goals and fitness when we have visitors. I had visitors all last week and it was tough.

    Great loss and getting out for a walk!

  2. Looks like you did great! Nice work at the BD party and walking AND uphill!