Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Day, Sunshine!

I wasn't kidding about the Flip Flop of this journey!  Shortly after posting last night I made myself some scrambled eggs, took some ibuprofen, and fell asleep.  I awoke at the crack, like always 3:45am and prepared for work feeling renewed and 1000 times better. (Didn't even Neti this morning).

I packed my breakfast and my lunch and off to work I went. Boring, Boring, Boring, laughing, laughing, laughing, trying to stop myself from choking co-worker, Boring, Boring, Boring.  (Now you're informed of what it is like to work in the insurance industry). 

My friend,  Amy, is running a half marathon in a few weeks and she ran 9 miles yesterday.  I am completely in awe and I have no desire to do this at the same time! (lol)  I have been keeping up somewhat with my training for the Komen...I just really feel like I bit more off than I can chew. I can't even run a solid quarter mile straight.  I am not giving up, but I am partially resolving within myself that I may have to walk it.  Even thinking it feels like a failure on my part, but I have to get out of that frame of mind.  Either way, I am doing something that I would have never done before and training for it has taken me to places and accomplishments I may have never seen otherwise.  I will continue to push for it!

Tonight when I came home from work, hungry kids had to wait.  I did 15 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0, upper body building, and then the crunch challenge, which I abandoned yesterday and picked back up at 90 crunches today!  Today was the last of a few beautiful days for awhile...it seems that winter is supposed to be rearing it's ugly head this week and part of next.

From here on out, I want to try to keep my eye on the prize.  This last week showed me what is really possible for me and while I know it is unrealistic to expect that dramatic of a loss every week, it should not stop me from trying for it!


  1. Trying to stop myself from choking co-worker - lol. You always make me laugh, Christie. Keep your eye on the prize.

  2. I laughed at that comment too. you know just keep going and if you walk it, you walk it, which is still an accomplishment right. keep doing what you can do. take care.

  3. Yeah on feeling better!!

    There are no failures, just different outcomes than we planned/hoped for. You have done well, you will continue to do well in the big picture whether you walk or run the race.