Friday, March 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

By now it's obvious...I was targeted by a blog troll.  It hit with a bang, then went back into hiding under the bridge of anonymity.  It shook me...

FOR LIKE A MINUTE.  You can't derail this train,'s full steam, all the time.

Had to go to comment moderation though, that stinks!  It stinks, but it's worth it to stop kids and people with basic moral conviction from having to read such horrible drivel.

I thought about it long and hard and I have decided to post a cleaned up version of the comment, just so that we can dissect it here and explain why they have definitely got the wrong person.

Here it goes:

First time reader and I must say that I am impressed with all the hard work you have done. (see how it starts off all complimentary) By saying hard work I mean all the hours you must spending sweating your fat ass off in front of the computer eating Bon bons. (I had to ask a friend what a bon bon actually is, because apparently...I eat them all the time and still don't know, anyway turns out...she didn't know either, another friend was pretty sure that they were chocolate covered ice cream balls...We agreed that the only thing we knew that was similar were Dibswhich must be the trashy version of bon bons.  I purchased them once, 2 years ago...they were freezer burnt***grammar note***what does "you must spending sweating" mean?) I have a few questions about your journey if you could please humor me... 1) how many pilatesballs have you popped during your journey? (Unfortunately, the answer is none.  Pilates balls are guaranteed not to burst, so if they did,  I would be rich.  Clearly I'm not...wishful thinking though) 2) how many stocks should I purchase at Hardees because you put the thick burger on the map. ***grammar note*** How much stock should I purchase.***  How many stocks you purchase is completely up to you, but I would start with one because your intelligence rifle is clearly dismantled and probably broken (I ate a Thickburger once...they are gross.  I hate Hardees...did you know that Hardees goes by different names across the country on the west coast they are called Carl's Jr.  does this confirm that you are local and Midwest...I believe it's plausible 3) you meat skirt ***content removed***makes me want to vomit. How many other people have you made puke. There is no way it can just be. ( makes me sick too, that's why I am trying to lose it.  You can find a disposable bag next to your tray table) 4) When will your fat ass stop typing and get your stomach stapled? (NEVER, starting to wonder if by "First time reader" you meant this is the first time you have ever read)Thanks for the good laughs but I have to go puke again (Laughing and puking at the same time. That takes talent.  I hope you don't choke.)after looking at that picture of you in that flower pattern shower curtain!! (You're no Tim Gunn)

This is a blip on the radar screen and this comment deserves no more of my time and effort.  Thank you Anonymous...Thank you for your convinced me to do 20 extra crunches today. 

The point is, my loyal lovelies...this is an example of the ignorance that is bred in the world everyday about who we are as people  BECAUSE we are overweight, but it does not define us.  The person they describe is not me, it's some caricature of who they want me to be to make it easier to laugh at me, to make me less than human.  To belittle my accomplishments. 

I AM WONDERFULLY MADE...or did you miss that post too? : )


  1. Sounds like some high school kid in the basement with his/her computer. It's too bad they can't think of anything else to do. What a life that person must have. Small pleasures for small minds I say.

  2. OH WOW!!! I am seriously outraged by this first time reader. I think that they have nothing better to do than troll peoples blogs and try to make people feel bad about themselves, they obviously have not seen the court decisions over the comments made on peoples pages that have lead to people serving jail time for the death of those people. Christie you are and inspiration to so many and your blog is important not only to them but to you too as well don't let people who are ignorant get to you! I love you!

  3. Wow....I am completely speechless by that comment. It's sad how mean people can be when they hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Great positive attitude in dealing with it - keep it up!

  4. Wow could this person be any smaller minded? It isn't about what you look like it is about who you are and you have a beautiful mind and soul.
    So you recognize you are unhealthy but you are doing something to get healthy. Which is to be commended. I love the 20 extra crunches. Way to keep a positive attitude. I am really proud of your progress and I am in your corner cheering you on!

  5. Oh, Christie. I do love you. Haha. =) Glad you didn't let the poor ignorant person deter you.

  6. I am in total shock o_O What is wrong with people ??? Don't feed the troll, Christie. Pay no attention to it. Delete all messages from it. I'd simply take them as jokes. Don't give it the attention it is asking for. If they meant well, they would address you with respect. Let the troll die (by ignoring it) and it will find something else to grab on to. Focus on your stuff and keep your head up. There surely are more important things in life...

  7. What a shame, imagine living your life being mean just because. keep positive hon, Someone with such an immature attitude is not worth wasting one more moment on...I hope never returns to your blog. you are beautiful and you are taking the steps to have the best life you can live. smiles and have a great weekend.

  8. yes, just a nasty looking for attention. I believe every blog world gets nasties doing just this. If/when it happens to me I will delete and carry on - going moderated if necessary. I believe there are 2 points of attention grabbing, 1st the writing of it..and 2nd the reading of the attention it causes. We cannot do much about the 1st but we can minimise the 2nd
    Ignore, its not real ..they are not people who matter, just trying to get attention

  9. Your spin on that comment (definitely posted by an illiterate troll) definitely made me laugh. I love you. I really do! You have SUCH heart and I definitely know your train isn't stopping.

    Here's to real people who set real goals and go get 'em and to all the people whose jaws will drop when they see how bangin' hot we look once we get there!


  10. Illiterate for sure, sounds like somebody I know.

  11. I won't waste my time commenting on this small minded persons comment.

    Christie you rock. Nuff said...