Sunday, January 30, 2011

Running into a Blizzard (long, but with pics*)

I sucked at water today...I think I had 8 oz. Pathetic.

My calories came in at 1852, outside of my

My mile...came in at 21:43...17 seconds of my first timed mile. I burned 101 calories. I sweated* all the water I should have drank today, so it might have been nice to replace it. I am not sure if the better time was from 17 seconds of extra effort or the fact that I was not running in Shape-ups (which honestly was a really bad idea). I purchased a new pair of actual running shoes.

These ladies and I are going to become REALLY, REALLY good friends!
I have to admit there was a huge difference in my stability on the treadmill and while a mile still isn't easy for me, it wasn't as hard as it was just Friday.

***Plus they have the pink swoosh, which makes them extry cute!

Today....I have been preparing for THE STORM OF THE CENTURY mwahahahahahahaha! Don't believe me...see for yourself:!
With all the drama, I was thankful that I did all my grocery shopping yesterday. YESSS! I did however decide last minute that I would go to one of the few Wal-Marts that still sell fabric and do a little last minute sewing. However...I go to a little podunk town Wal-Mart and it is total and utter chaos. It was nearing people punching people proportions and of course, I have my kids with me....Let's say it together..."IDIOT!" I overheard the following conversation:
Woman walking briskly with cart and husband in tow grabs last can of Frito Lay Bean Dip.
Husband says: What are you going to do with that bean dip?
Wife says: Shut up...It's the last can!

I wonder if they will actually eat it or revel in their victory!

This was the scene in line...every register open, everyone 6-7 carts deep for as far as the eye could see!

Autumn is 6 and waaaay too big to be riding in a cart, but it was way too dangerous for her to be allowed to roam through the cattle mentality of people in Wal-Mart before a storm. (As you can see, she felt like a celebrity being wheeled around)
Erica was happy to be on her way out the door. She said people were crazy! What is it with people and you don't have food in your house unless it's gonna be sooo treacherous out that you can't get from 1 place to another? The shelves were barren. A friend of mine sent her husband to the store for low calorie microwave meals and he came back with the wrong ones. She said she should give him the benefit of the doubt, it's about to storm and the store was crazy...maybe they were out of the one's she wanted. I told her in no uncertain terms that we all know that the stores were bare, but the diet food was FULLY STOCKED...LOL!
131 days to Komen
Tomorrow: Weigh in...improve my mile time...probably have cabin fever by the time the kids get up!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Morning After = )

I want to make an edit to my post from yesterday...About a MILE in I wanted to give up...not a minute I have issues, but I am happy to report that they are not as severe as I had previously reported.

I woke up this morning and I am still feeling pretty accomplished! oh and SORE. The last half mile on the treadmill I was really starting to feel cramping in my left leg. I kept going though! Even though while I was dealing with the pain and nearing the end of the finish line I set out for myself. My husband came into the basement and just stood there. THEN he lit a cigarette! Are you kidding me? I told him breathlessly that he needed to go outside, so he opened the door and stood there and tried to talk to me. I couldn't breath and to be honest...whether he meant it or not I took it personally. I LASHED out at him. I said, "Are you trying to watch me fail?" He looked at me dumbfounded and stepped outside. I felt bad about it when I was through, but in that moment that's exactly how it felt.

He didn't think I could do it, though. He has his ways of telling me that without being rude. When I start to go into the basement to train he laughs and says go do your 16th of a 5k. He isn't being mean, he thinks he's funny. I need him to support me in this, but I get it. He has seen this a million times because I have done it a million times. I am determined that there will not be a million and one.

Today is a day off workouts for me and I am glad because I need to rest. Tomorrow, I will work on improving my mile time. We are set to get MORE snow this week, so today and tomorrow will be days of running errands that may not be possible to complete during the week.

132 days to Komen.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I did it!

I did a 5k in my basement.

This is probably the proudest I have ever been of myself.

About a minute in...I wanted to give up the ghost, but I knew I couldn't. I knew you were all cheering me on and I heard you LOUD and CLEAR.

It was hard (and I walked it!). It took me 75:53. Which is almost twice as long as I would like for it to take in it's on like Donkey Kong! Training has begun.

Its weird because it's like my new goal and other people are dependent on me for it and even though I am publicly acknowledging it, I am hoping that I will just forget that weight loss is really the point for me and that will just be a side benefit. After all, my main goal is to take my kids to Six Flags and PARTICIPATE in their day..June is Summer. Six Flags is open in June, right?

My kids will not hug me cause the stench exuding from me is unrecognizable, so I am off to bathe.

Thank you to all who believed that I could do it and "can it" to those who doubted!

133 days to Race for the Cure
18 more 5k's to run before THE race

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tomorrow's 5K is Today's...

...22 minute mile.

My calories today: around 1600
My water intake: 84 ounces (so far)
My activity: 1 mile---22 minutes

What does it all mean? It means that if that serial killer ever finds me in the backyard pulling weeds, I may not get away, but at least I will attempt to run.

How apathetic do you have to be to voluntarily succumb to a crazy dude wielding a knife in the woods...IN YOUR DREAMS? Proving once again that the mind is a powerful thing.

I want to say to my fellow bloggers that I am really proud of all of seems that we have all been going through some kind of funk, but I am slowly crawling out of it and it seems that a lot of you are doing the same. You are all so kind to support me and I really appreciate it!

I feel like I have almost done a 180 this sad in the beginning, but the more I have dedicated myself to this process of preparing for this race, the more I am seeing the possibilities for me in me. =)

We've been here before my friends, the trick is going to be in keeping the momentum!

5K on my treadmill tomorrow evening...See you after!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Treadmills and Tears

"When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are"
Just a little Bruno Mars, and so began the water works... did I mention that I was running on the treadmill at the time? It wasn't about being sexy or about being in love with someone, but I WAS AMAZING just the same!

In my head...I sounded like Forrest Gump... I was Run - Ning!

It only lasted about 45 seconds and at about 3.4 mph, but it was slower than a sprint, faster than a was ME on the Move! It's a weird mixture of pride and sadness. It's "I can do this!, Why in hell haven't I done this?"

I walked/ran for 20 minutes tonight. I made it .889 miles. I burned approximately 75 calories. (which seems like so little for such an effort).

Today...I drank 104oz of water...I did not count my calories.

In two days, I will walk a 5k. No matter how long it takes, no matter how slow I go. This will be my baseline. 133 days to Komen.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About Last Night....

To my Facebook friends and Blog Readers:
I owe you a HUGE apology!

Last night, my self pitying hit an all-time low. After I blogged...I tried to see how fast and long I could run. I was thinking about having less than 5 months to get ready for the Komen and I needed a base line. I needed to know exactly where I am and where I needed to be. I should have never done it when I was feeling emotional. Of course, I tanked and then had to express to the world what a complete and utter failure I am. Sorry. No really...Pathetic!

I woke up better this morning. Not completely renewed, but better. I am thankful for words of encouragement that I received. guys.. *insert blushing here*

Then comes more frustration...

*****DISCLAIMER...DO NOT TAKE WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY PERSONALLY. If you are thinking about taking this seriously, know that you are NOT the ONLY one. THERE ARE 10's of you (lol)*****

In an attempt to motivate me and to make me feel better, I received several messages, via Facebook, email, instant message, and in person telling me that I do not have to run the Komen. Telling me that I can walk the Komen. I have to hurt my feelings a bit. It almost felt like people were coming in droves (ok..10's)and telling me not to strive for it. Telling me that I will never do it. (No one actually said this). It kind of pissed me off. I WILL RUN THE KOMEN. I WILL NOT WALK THE KOMEN. and if I don't, it won't be for lack of trying! Friday...I will walk a 5k. In my house, on my treadmill. I will continue to do that 5k until I am strong enough and fast enough to run that 5k in June. Any naysayers? (check with me

Monday, January 24, 2011

Torn: A Weigh-in Tale reason to hold off on the number...It's more than last week and while I take responsibility for it, I do not completely own it because of illness last week and a physical inability to be as active as I needed to be....but mostly it's my fault. Could I be anymore contradictory? Basically..I know it's my fault, but I am trying to underhandedly give myself a pass. Did ya catch that? I know you did. You are smart people.

I got Laura's number this week....anybody else??? Even if you haven't followed my challenge exactly...this is about support, yo. Don't make me give my hero award away so easily. So chime in...where are you? What are your obstacles? Motivation is a big one for me lately. I need to be in control of what is going on with me again and I feel so OUT OF CONTROL.

Did I mention that I have made a commitment to run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure here in St. Louis on June 11, 2011. What was I thinking? I was thinking that I was doing really well and it was all well within my reach. and it was...and it can be again. This is what is soo hard about requires follow through, it requires determination, and I have that...well...I can have that...I want that.

Life is what you make it. So..........

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last Weeks Challenge and UGH!

Last weeks challenge was not a bust, but it wasn't great either!

I was able to do my water all days. I was able to do my hip lifts all days. I was able to stay within my calories all days except for Friday. Friday was horrible! I blame Laura...just kidding Laura! However...I could've and should've had the willpower to say that I WOULD NOT eat Pizza Hut Buffet for lunch, but I didn't. Let me tell you good can come from Pizza Hut Buffet. I just stepped on the scale for giggles and well....NO GOOD. Not bad necessarily, but not good.
As you know, I spent last week recovering from what felt like the illness of the century. On top of that, the St. Louis area seems to be getting hit by snow storm after snow storm, after know how it goes. My daughter has missed so much school due to weather that soon enough they will have missed so many days that they have almost reached the cap that all students strive for...miss so many days that you no longer have to make them up. What kind of crap is that?...make them
oh and guess what??? She has strep again. Took her to Urgent Care again today and confirmed it..
Speaking of the snow...I live in a fairly rural area. I live approximately 40 miles from work and basically 30 miles away from any REAL civilization, so snow and no school basically means no work for me either which is creating a cluster on my desk at work. In any other time of my life I would have told my hubby he had to suck it up and get the kids and I would work overtime, but now I get...well what happens if a job comes in? How did I get here again? How did I get to the point that other people's stuff is mucking up the works? I know it's happening...I see it happening.
I sat down to blog tonight, I had a whole mock up going on in my head and I was ready to lay it down like I was channeling Shakespeare or something and as I reach for the computer, my husband says...are you getting ready to work on that small business loan application? So for two hours, I wrote a business plan. I didn't finish it, but I started it. I find my personal self withering away in the bolstering of another person's success. I will not allow this to happen. It's frustrating because I think it makes me feel like I am being selfish. I am not being selfish. Or am I? I don't mean to be.
They say that in marriage you are two people working towards a common goal, but what if one person doesn't care about the other person's goals and just keeps creating goals and treating the other person's aspirations as if they were were unattainable, but the other person is only attaining their goals because they have the powerhouse backing of the other? Holy run on sentence! The powerhouse is breaking down people. It makes me angry that sometimes I say I am not going to help him if he doesn't start giving a crap about what I want in my life, but then everything that he does is so all or nothing that if it fails it means total and utter financial devestation, so I feel like I can not let it fail. Don't get me wrong...I love my hubby....I do, but I guess I am having a mid life crisis because I keep asking myself if this is what life is supposed to be like? I'm constantly asking if this is what God wanted for my life? Abject suffering? A crappy childhood, a crappy life filled with addiction and addictive personalities? What the heck was that all about? Sorry for the rant....anger and writing does not become me.

On the flippy...this weekend was my nephew Nicholas' 17th birthday and he's a pretty cool dude. He is the first person that I have seen grow from a fetus to practically adulthood that I ddin't live in the same house with and that is pretty wild! He will go far in his life and as long as he does the best that he can...I will always be proud of him!
Autumn also lost her second tooth today! I end this VERY LONG blog enjoy some dental related photos! Tune in tomorrow for weigh in!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Beginnings Redux

I don't know what it is about my body, but I swear everytime I mentally commit to a challenge my body physically rejects it. Yes...I am sick again. Not just sick, but supremely ill. So ill in fact that it deserves a title and needs to be treated as an event. I will call it THE 36 HOURS OF SLEEP. That's right 36 hours of sleep. I went to the urgent care center and apparently my strep is fairly aggressive and the first round of antibiotics not only did not clear it up, but also did not prevent me from getting a sinus infection on top of it. Funny thing is...I would have thought I was over the strep.

I hosted a bday party for my nephew, Jordyn, on Saturday and I was fine. Afterwards I posted the terms of my new challenge and re-read some old posts and really started feeling down in the dumps. It has now been 18 months since I started this blog and I actually think I just weigh a pound less than when I officially started. Granted I had also gained weight and I am actually still 18 lbs less than my highest weight, so there have been changes for the good, but it made me feel like a bit of a joke. I feel like I am armed with all the information, but do I lack the fortitude to stay on track? I guess we'll see!

When I finally spent a significant time awake this afternoon, I sucked it up and did my hip lifts. I am on the way to reaching my water goals and my calories are under control since I have been to sick to eat anything I have consumed a total of 200 calories in the last two days and they were 100% from Gatorade.

On to better things...I told you that my nephew had his birthday party at my house on Saturday, but I failed to mention that it was his first birthday. He is a sweetie and he loves his Aunt Creepie!(All my nieces and nephews call me I was looking over photos that I took of him eating his smash cake and was such a funny metaphor for how I feel sometimes.

This is Jordyn--->

He is not unlike his Aunt Creepie in that he pretty much rocks!

Sometimes something gets set in front of me that I know I shouldn't eat and I think, well...I'll just stick a finger in and get a taste. Inevitably, I always end up acting all psychotic about it and shoveling it in by the fistfuls not unlike seen here>

Before too long and before I even realize it...I am sitting behind an empty plate.

Admittedly...I have never gone this far---->

I added this pic for purely gratuitous reasons. and so that I could say:

Dear Wal-Mart,

Do not make smash cakes iced in red. The photographic result comes out a bit Dexter-ous.

Challenge Day 1--Weigh in

This is going to be a quick post because I need to get the challenge stuff out of the way and I will have a follow up post to discuss some other issues immediately following.

Today is the weigh in and I officially have batteries in my scale. I am embarrassed to say that I have gained weight since my last official weigh in which was sometime in October 2010. I weighed in this morning at 290. I am not going to moan about it though. I am simply stating it and moving on. Perhaps moving forward is a better way of putting it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Challenge Begins on Monday...Are you in?

I have decided to shorten my challenges because let's just face it the last one was B O R I N G.
So here's the deal...they will run Monday through Friday 5 day challenge with weigh in every monday. Monday...I will post my weight, if you are in, post yours to my Monday blog or if you don't want to make it public, then send me an email and I will keep your number on the DL. I will however, starting in the second week, start awarding my hero of the previous week.

I know what you're thinking..."We don't need another he---ro" What? You weren't thinking that?...maybe it's just me. thoughts are to announce my hero of the week and allow the "hero" to submit a guest blog! Oooooo! I am excited! I also want to focus my next challenge on the activity.

I am going to continue to bump up my activity, but I am also going to focus on an additional excercise every week. For example this week for my exercise challenge I am going to bump it to 40 minutes, but separate from that I intend to do 100 hip lifts everyday.

Modified hip lift---lay on your back with bent knees, hold your knees tight ( I have always been told to imagine that you are holding a 100 bill between your knees and you are trying to prevent someone from taking it) Squeeze your butt cheeks (that's right..I said butt cheeks, but I am not a professional and even if I was saying gluteas maximus makes me sound like I am putting on heirs and believe me...I am not.) While squeezing lift your hips. Believe it or not this works your booty and your abs. My commitment is to do 100 everyday for 5 days on top of my 40 minute work outs 3 times in 5 days. The challenge does not require you to do this exercise, but the challenge terms are to find an excercise that interests you and you are physically able to do everyday for 5 days.

The rest of the challenge remains the same:

100oz of water
1500-1800 calories a day
40 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

Yes, I also reduced the amount of workouts per week...what a disaster the last one was!

My grandma (who reads my blog by the way) informed me today that she feels my blog is lacking and it used to be better when I was telling little stories. I guess she finds it boring! I let her know that I didn't think it was different and she responded by advising me that as a reader she is a critic and she finds my recent posts lacking....I guess I will have to work on that! I mean...if I can't keep my own grandma entertained. LOL!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guess Who Got a Blog Award?

Me....that's who! I can hardly believe it! Thanks to Ash over at for thinking of little 'ole me! Oh and I'd like to give a "you really do like me!" for all the old timers out there! An award comes with responsibility and the details of that responsibility are as follows:

Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award (Thanks, had me at 'shitacular')
Share 7 things about yourself.
Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can).
Contact the bloggers and tell them they won!

Do I really need to share 7 things about myself? I mean, I share so much. LOL Here goes nothing and BRACE YOURSELF!

1. I believe it is possible that Elvis is alive (or at least did not die in 1977)! Possible is not a strong enough word. I believe that it is probable that Elvis did not die in 1977. Ok. I am not like a total freak about it like I will sit you down and show you the evidence, but I can talk a good game about it for sure. I can tell you about it someday, but only by request, cause people look at me like I am crazy. Well...I mean they look at me crazier than usual....LOL

2. I am blessed with a fantastic hubby and two great kids. I have been married for almost 12 years, but we have been together for almost 18 years. Wait...I am waaaay too young for that to be possible, right? In our early marriage I had difficulty getting pregnant, and after 1 year long round of fertility drugs, I decided that I could not be one of those people who spent every dime, tried every process, and dug down to the minutia of which person's fault it was, so after 1 year long round of chlomid, I decided to give up. You have probably heard it a million times. I got pregnant the 12th month! 9 months later I gave birth to my beautiful Autumn Nicole and 2 years later, we were surprised with a spunky, yet equally beautiful Erica Summer.

3. I am on life support, but not the medical kind. My life support comes in human form. Her name is Amy and she is my bestest friend in the entire world. Go Amy! You Rock! I have had many good, close friends in my life, but in my adult life....not so much. She reminds me that I am worthy of good things and I hope I do the same for her. She looks like a Ginger, but she is actually just a Daywalker (shout out to South Park).
<-----that's her with her daughter, Megan! Live in my infamy.......mwaaahahahahahahaha

4. My family has been "blended" so many times the lines have literally started to blur...I have so many step siblings that we could be a 12 step program (hardy har har) They are all not currently siblings, so I can freely state that some times it has been necessary to skip a step cause it's foundation may be rickety. I have two natural born sisters with whom I share both parents. We celebrate our "family without borders" by creating borders every Christmas and throw a theme party...just us. A chance to be in a room with someone who knows all about you since your beginning and knows more funny stories about you than you know about yourself. It's so organic... (please say you smell my sarcasm)

5. I LOVE BREAKFAST! There are only two things that I do not LOVE about Breakfast and that is Grits and Cornbeef Hash. I would have to say that there is a good chunk of me that is breakfast. I tend to think it is somewhere around the middle, but I might be hiding some cinnamon rolls in my hips and sausage biscuits under my arms...(Safeco shout out) I could eat breakfast foods all day long. I will eat breakfast, brunch, and brinner. This is a serious addiction that should probably be SERIOUSLY addressed in my blog, but for now...I revel in the joy of Oatmeal....or Scrambled Eggs...don't get me started on BACON (which I swear I RARELY ever eat anymore)

6. I want to be a writer. That is all. (oops, I lied...maybe a comedienne) (yes...I used the fancy female)(bite me)

7.I am SCARED to DEATH to fail. I know...this took a turn for the serious. I have never succeeded at anything really, but I really HATE failing and it terrifies me sometimes when I realize how apathetic I can be.
I don't know if I have 15, but I will try! Also...I have no idea how to add fancy links to my blog, so you are getting the web addys.
1. I know I got this award from Ash and I can not expect her to repost all of this, but she deserves it just the same. She is fantastic, down to earth, and has shown me that people are not all that different, no matter the age differences. Thanks for that :
2. Kelly at Life in the Fat Lane, she found me, but introduced herself and I love her honesty and she can really crack me up and touch a place in my heart at the same time!!!
3.Sassy at who never disappoints when I need a laugh or a new way of looking at things!
4. Allie at you are infamous on your own accord, but I want to be you! You are ingenious! are the best! So down to earth and I LOVE to see how you are doing... I wish for everyone to succeed in their journey's but her style is so real and down to earth! Go Annie.
6. Kristin at Kreating Kristen! You show what it is like to do what you got to do while facing some real struggles and being real whether people like it or not! That's what I need sometimes is to watch you succeed when you are dealing with some real emotional stuff. There are some days that you keep me going.
I got nothing else....I read lots of blogs, but these are my go tos!!! husband is acting redonk that I am making him wait to watch Damages... See ya on the flip! I will be back tomorrow to post the outcome of my last totally sucky challenge and the details of my new shorter more exciting challenge starting Monday!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY SIX and SEVEN

So...I am sick!

I guess the weekend of dealing with the kiddies horrid case of strep actually caught up with me. Last night was another night of wasting my precious minutes on earth sleeping immediately after dinner.

I also have to apologize because on top of not feeling well, I am totally having an I HATE MY LIFE HISSY FIT! That's why I am in the situation that I am in, I suppose. I'll get into that after the stats

Water consumption:
DAY SIX: 88oz
DAY SEVEN: 96oz and the night is not over

DAY SIX: 1604


....ok now my life. Did I mention that it sucks, right now? YEAH, I think I did. I spent all last weekend taking care of a very sick kid and now I am sick. My husband started a business with no capital but our own personal finances after we built a big, beautiful house that we could still swing thanks to some rental properties that we own, but to add another chapter to what feels like an insane tragedy, our only consistently paying renters just gave notice and we have to look for new tenants which is always tricky. Everyone has troubles and I get that. The economy is bad, I get that too. My husband is following a dream and while I support that dream against all odds, it makes my life more difficult. It means we can't do things as a family because he is on call all the time. It means that I can't do things without my children for the same reason. It means that when he is working, I am picking up the slack. This makes it soo much harder to focus on what needs to be done for me. Harder for me to stay on track. On top of all this there is barely money to pay the bills let alone money for little luxuries and when there is a little extra, we splurge on our kids, because they are good kids and they deserve it. I feel like the last year is all work and no play and no tiring. that I am done ranting...I want to thank you all for being out there and encouraging me. I have been trying really hard to stay on track with my challenge, but life gets in the way. Anywho...we get to do it all again tomorrow, right?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY FIVE

Got to make this quick because I am addicted to "My Strange Addiction" on TLC and well, it's on, so as much as I LOVE YOU, Blog World family...the voyuer in me must watch this lady eat household cleaner...sick, but true...LOL

I have lots to say so I may be back later, but this post is just about the facts, ma'am!

110 oz of water!!! YEAH!!!
Calories...1055, wha-at? I know..I can't believe it, but I may have a snack, but that will at most be 100 calorie pack of Pecan Sandies still waaaay under my 1500-1800 scale
Exercise=40 minutes on the treadmill.

Today is a super good day! Maybe see ya again tonight. Keep fighting the good fight.

Anybody know how many calories are in Comet? I mean...yuck!

New Year 11 day challenge DAY FOUR

Sorry so late. I came home from work and completely crashed. Made dinner and then it was over. I told the hubby I was going to lay down for a minute and I was asleep in minutes and stayed that way until about 20 minutes ago...just in time to do it all over again.

Here are the stats for yesterday.

80oz of water---not quite the goal, but I wouldn't call this a fail either. 80 oz of water is a lot of water and it is definitely more than I was drinking before.

I ended my calories at 1567 which is well within my range and I am pleased!

As I mentioned...I came home after running around to pick up everyone, made dinner, and completely crashed. I got no exercise in, disappointing in terms of the challenge, but I am ok with it. After all, the point of the challenge is to challenge yourself to do this things with the determination that they will become part of my daily routine and get me on the road to health and wellness. So I pick up the challenge again to day determined to be successful on all fronts!

Happy floating!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY THREE

Day Three...really?

Got in my 100 oz of water..yeah!!

I am a little over my calories today! I was running late, didn't bring my lunch as a result, the cafeteria staff at work is inept so much lunch was chicken tenders and! I guess I could have waited, but I was being inconvenienced and while it was not my intention to eat them...I did. Oatmeal Breakfast w/banana and a dinner of roasted turkey slices, brussel sprouts, and a roll came in closer to 1900 calories..urgh excuses!

I got my exercise in though...15 treadmill minutes, 100 hip lifts, 50 ball crunches, 30 back leg, 30 side leg lifts.

I WILL DO BETTER TOMORROW! I have already packed my lunch and breakfast. I am bringing oatmeal w/yogurt and a banana for breakfast and cottage cheese with pineapple and Wheat Thin Toasted Chips (Garden Vegetable flavored).

I am already starting to think of what I should add to my next challenge other than a weigh in, which I should have done this time, but decided against once I realized that my newly tailored pants did not fit...grrr.

Congrats to all of you who are involved in my challenge for hanging in there and to those of you who are not...that's ok too! We all need to support each other whether or not we are doing the same things, we have the same be healthier than we are now!

If you are following other challenges or have your own program, what is it? What makes it work for you? If you have an idea for what might make the next 11 day challenge more fun and exciting...let me know!

Keep up the good work! Good Luck Tomorrow!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY TWO


Water consumed? I am embarassed to admit none.
Activity? None
Calories: around 1200, but I only ate two meals today.

My daughter has been extremely sick since just before the new year. Asthma, vomiting, malaise...5 days and two trips to the ER this weekend and we finally have a winner...strep with a rash. Her little body has been through so much over the past few days and people I have been worked like a sled dog. I am so tired. My fridge needs food and today was the day, but it never happened. Instead I spent the afternoon in the ER to get the above mentioned diagnosis. My beloved, long awaited 3 day weekend ended the same way it began with the inbetween being spent as a nursemaid. It's not about the taking care of her, I'm her mommmy...that's what I do, but golly geez this lady needs a BREAK. Looks like my break will come in the form of work! That is unless Erica Bearica gets it too and looks like she is trying too!

So, crew, I am not going to be that hard on myself about the failure today, but I am ready to pick it back up tomorrow!!! How did everyone else do?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY ONE

So..Day one is almost down! I did really well. I ended with 1659 calories and I stopped counting my ounces of water at 112, but I had two 16oz glasses of you figure it! I had no problem with the water challenge, but I did have a challenge trying to get to the bathroom on time...

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill this evening, so all in all a good day!

Back at it did you do? Let me know!


res·o·lu·tion [rez-uh-loo-shuhn]

1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made.
2. a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
3. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
4. the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.
5. the act or process of resolving or separating into constituent or elementary parts.
6. the resulting state.
7. a solution, accommodation, or settling of a problem, controversy, etc.
8. reduction to a simpler form; conversion.
(from *but tweaked to remove all unapplicable definitions)

All in all there were a total of 12 definitions for! As a lover of language I always laughed about people and their resolutions because I think of stubborness and the act of being resolute, not so much the "changing" that people look to accomplish when they make resolutions. I have never really made them because in case you haven't noticed...I have a little issue with follow through. Why go to the trouble of making a commitment, that you know you will not complete?

Things have changed a little over the years, though. I made a resolution on July 25, 2009 to quit smoking and I am smoke free still. I made a resolution to lose weight and while it has been a roller coaster year...I am still in the fight. Part of my resolution for this year (mark it down, first official ever) is to really challenge myself to stay on track. I am resolving myself to follow my 11 day challenges all year long.

Another resolution that I am making is to change my personal ranking on my own hierarchy. Everyone else has already been taken care of now I need to be taken of and if no one else is going to stand up for my needs...I have to be the one to do it. I am also including COMPLETLING ALL of my 11 day challenges, reaching my goal of actively participating in a trip to Six Flags with my kids, and running a 5k in June with my friend.

Big Goals, Big Year!