Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100th Post Contest is CLOSED

Thanks to all who participated! The winner should contact me by email (cjmowry2196@msn.com) to claim your prize. Please provide a mailing address to send your loverly prizes and I will mail them to you right away! I numbered your comments 1- 21 being the 1st post and 21 being the last. I put them into the randomizer and it selected post #12. The winner is THE FAT MOM! YAY!!! APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!

Thanks to all who participated!!!


  1. CONGRATS to The Fat Mom! And I mean that...in the nicest way...even thought I felt weird typing "the fat mom."

  2. LOL @ Chubby McGee. I hated typing it too...I felt like I was being mean!

  3. And it's ok if you call me "The Fat Mom" as long as you say it with a smile. :)