Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coming A Long Weigh

That's right folks!  280.6.  That is a 4.2lb loss this week!  Yesterday the scale flirted with 279, but I ate pork steak for dinner and I think I am retaining water from it!  I updated my ticker at 279.4 yesterday and I am just going to leave it, either way...I lost an amazing amount of weight this week and I am 2.6lbs away from 30lbs lost since September, with 16 of those pounds being since 2/11/2011. My youngest daughter weighs 28lbs.  I have officially lost a small human! That is both scary and exhilerating!

February 11, is when I bought my fitbit.  A purchase that I do not regret in anyway shape or form.  Tracking everything in detail has helped me really understand MY body and what I have to do to lose weight.  I can not only feel when I have put in the work...I can see it.  I can also see what happens when I phone it in. 

I am looking forward to light grocery shopping, continuing my spring cleaning, and updating my dress photos, today. I am throwing around losing the shrug, but my arms are a point of self conciousness for me. Perhaps, I will trade it in for a smaller size. Looking at in in the other pic, I think I went large because it felt normal to get one that size. Anwho...

The crunch challenege is kicking my butt right now.  I am up to 80. (straight, left oblique, and right oblique)  Tomorrow I bump it to 90.  I am supposed to add 10 every other day until April 10th which is my anniversary, but I have been rethinking it a bit.  If I keep it up at this pace, by the end...I am doing a total of nearly 600 crunches a day.  It's an amazing thought, but is it too much? I've been considering once I get to 100 staying there for a week and then the next week bumping it up 20.  What do you guys think?


  1. You are rocking this journey to skinny :)

  2. Holy goodness! You're flying through this journey! I love it! So happy for you and your giant loss! Go, you!!!

    Phew! Inspirational lady!!!

  3. Duh! You're winning! Im no expert, but 100 sounds more realistic than 200...

  4. Woot - I missed this one, Christie. WTG.