Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yes, that is the word I would use to describe this beautiful day in Missouri. Nearly 77 degrees, sunny, and gorgeous. A good day to be alive and I am thankful. My family is in good health. I am LOSING weight! (Sneaks peek at the scale!)

The day was beautiful and I did not want to waste a minute. My 6 year old and I went to the track at the high school. (Those of you who told me running outdoors was easier than the tell horrible, horrible lies) It was rough...the track was rocky, muddy, and really hard on my calves. I couldn't run more than half a straight in those conditions. I did a mile in 23:45 which would make a 5K still near my original 75 minute time. OH WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO! LOL.

My other challenges are still coming along and I am excited to be FEELING the results. Results like being able to stand up from a seated position without bracing myself or using my arms to push myself up. Like going up two flights of stairs without being completely out of breath. You know about like going up stairs at all.

I am so excited about how things are going and I am so thankful for all of your support and all of the bloggers sharing your stories and keeping me motivated. You're the bloggiest!


  1. It was gorgeous here in MO! Love it!!! Here comes the rain I hear.

    I applaud you for the running efforts! You're doing awesome!

  2. You're bloggeriffic too. Wow, 77...nice. Glad you had such a wonderful day. Love the NSV - like standing up from a chair without bracing yourself. That is what it's all about, Christie.

  3. Way to go Christie, you do sound awesome...77 yeah....I have no trouble walking on my treadmill but outside I find my back hurts in no time...your doing wonderful....and yes stairs at all. hugs.

  4. Um it actually got up to 83... Lol. Anyway I digest. I am so proud of you! I would not have started my journey, if it were not for you, but I have always wanted to follow your lead. I will not be walking or running a 5k though that is just not gonna happen. I am behind you though, and fully support you.

  5. Sounds like this was a really great day!

  6. WOW,77*...jealous here. Still only in the 50's here in Michigan. Come on spring !!

    Good for you for hitting the track...I like the treadmill better myself too ! ; )