Thursday, March 24, 2011

100 Crunches and The Meat Skirt

I did it!  Last night, I...little old me, did 100 crunches.  I am amazed by me, which if I can floor MUST be good! 

I think I have decided to keep pushing on the crunches.  It doesn't start to feel like work until about 70 now, so..I think that means I can push it.  If I am without pants ("pantless?", if you will) my shirt is no longer that hat that sits upon my upper abdomen accentuating what I affectionately refer to as "the meat skirt". 

Ah...the meat skirt.  Some people cringe at the mere mention of it.  Some laugh.  Others look at me uncomfortable glances...not sure what to say next.  I do not actually remember what made me start referring to my abdomen as the meat skirt, but truthfully I remember the day that nothing could sit on my lap because my stomach SAT on my lap.  The good news is that I have always said that it was church length on it's way to a mini...It's FINALLY getting there! first mini skirt ; \

On the Komen Front!  My friend Amy has finally decided on a name for the Komen team.  It's....THE BREAST TEAM EVER!!!!  I love it!  More to come on that front, but if you wish to join us, keep track of us (don't get all BIG, or support us.... you can like us on Facebook.


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  2. this is for the Anonymous jack ass that left the shout out from hell you must weigh triple what you should and jealouse that you cant even sit on a floor to do a crunch. and if I ever find out who you are look out I will track you down like the dog you are.. I LOVE YOU CHRISTIE KEEP IT UP AND DONT LET JACK ASSES LIKE THIS GET YOU DOWN .... LOVE M.R.

  3. You inspire me Miss Christie! Keep up the good work.

  4. Keep doing it girl..don't let asshats get you down!