Friday, February 3, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I can not imagine why I haven't mustered up anything to say this week.  Things are going well.

Very well. 

I still have not heard anything about the job.  That's ok.  It will either be good news or bad news and either's ok.  I have a roof over my head and food on my table.  The right thing will come along when then right thing comes along.  I have to have faith and believe that it is true.

I stepped on the scale this morning and if everything continues in the upswing this week, my weigh in on Tuesday will be NOTHING short of amazing.  CRAZY Amazing!  Of course to keep myself and the crazy amazing things in check...I WILL change my scale batteries before I weigh in (just to ensure accuracy)

Here's what's going on with the Fitbit/Slimcoach Battle this week:

I want to give you the run down of the Fitbit today and tomorrow I will address the Slimcoach.

Fitbit Pros:

It is small, discreet.  I can wear it on my bra and it can not be detected. (which is nice because otherwise I get a lot of questions about it)  Everything is stream lined to your personal information down to the measurement of my stride. (This is important to me being a takes a lot more steps for me to reach a mile and I know that I am getting credit for them and my distance traveled is as accurate as possible) I have used their free online interface for a longtime (with my regular fitbit)  It is super simple to use.  The dashboard is user friendly.  The "log your food area" is filled with thousands of items, it is super easy to change measurements and/or log food that may not be in the database.  It also keeps track of foods you eat on a regular basis for ease in logging.  Works effectively as a pedometer and also tracks flights of stairs/hills.  The calorie burn is figured based on your BMR and then any activity increases above and beyond your basal burn. The online fitbit community appears to be very active.  I have several friends and family members who own one and you can link up and "compete" to be #1.  There is premium content available for a charge.

Fitbit Cons:  I have replaced mine twice in 1 year (thanks to the buyer protection plan I purchased through Best Buy) The outer casing is not very durable.  It's made to clip onto your clothing, but the casing obviously can not handle the stress of clipping on and off basic articles of clothing.  Being a larger gal makes fitbit pedometer accuracy questionable.  It will sometimes log deep breathing and bouncing boobs in the car (or excited clapping)as steps.  I don't understand their "advanced algorithms" that log the flights of stairs and hills, however despite the assurance on the website, it has logged me as going up 7 flights of stairs on a day this week that I was mostly laying around watching TV and never left the house let alone climbed A flight of stairs. What this means for my calories accuracy that day...I have NO idea.  The Fitbit ultra has motivational messages that can be turned on or off.  I haven't figured out how to turn it off and I do not find the messages motivational.  Actually, I was wearing it on my shirt the other day and the device lights up out of nowhere and the display reads "I LIKE U CHRISTIE" to which I verbally responded..."Like me or Like me, Like me?"  I have never had an inanimate object try to pick me up before and well...I'm married and it kind of creeped me out.  With Facebook, Blogging, and Twitter...the online community is redundant for me.  I personally have no need for it.  The food database is not always accurate, so especially at first, I always double check the accuracy on a new food and log it in manually myself if it is different so that I can assure accuracy when logging.  Being so small and wearing it on my bra, while a hazard.  Sometimes I take off my bra and forget to take it off.  I have saved it from the laundry right before it went in MORE TIMES THAN I CAN REMEMBER.  I do not participate in the premium content due to the expense.  Other devices offer an extensive time period where premium content is free.

If you have any further questions about the fitbit.  Please visit their website.  Any questions about my experience with the device, leave a comment or send me an email. 

This is not a paid valuation, but instead just one woman's opinion trying to decide which one works for me.

Today's Spark: Amazing Weigh in coming.


  1. I'm really looking forward to your amazing weigh in, must be all those stairs you did the other day... hee hee.

    Your comment about the thing trying to pick you up made me consider buying one for a I think it might be time for me to consider starting to consider thinking about dating again.

  2. Oh, and your comment on my blog, (thanks as always,) got me thinking...
    I just might have to make that comment the basis for my next blog.

  3. Hello, how is that Fitbit/SlimCoach shoot out coming along? :-)
    Thank you