Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Non Scale Victories: A Listing (So far)

1.  I can walk 10,000 or more steps in a day.
2.  I completed my 1st treadmill 5K.
3.  I shaved 2 minutes of my mile time.
4.  I can run for 1 minute and 30 seconds
5.  I can take care of basic cleansing of myself without pulling a muscle (sad, but true)
6.  I can carry my 3 year old down a flight of steps without fearing for either of our safety.
7.  I can take the steps (up and down) (Even though I only choose to do so about 50% of the time)
8   I can do 360 crunches in one sitting (straight, left oblique, and right oblique 120 each)
9.  I can throw a FANTASTIC punch (Thank you, heavy bag)
10. I am less afraid to try new things.
11. My clothes fit better
12. I can button my pants without struggling or laying on the bed, sucking everything in, grabbing the zipper with a wire hanger and screaming please, please, please.

13. I have worn makeup everyday for over two weeks after wearing none for over 10 years.

14. I am writing this blog almost daily
15. Most importantly, I am a better mother, wife, and friend.
16. I am no longer ashamed of who I am.

What are your non scale victories?


  1. It energizes me just to know I'm doing something about it. I have a better attitude. I have bumped up the exercising and it feels good. My sweats are looser as are my jeans. I am also taking more time with my appearance. Let's do this Christie.

  2. I love your list! That will definitely keep you motivated :)

  3. Aww, Christie! I teared up a little... You know I <3 you, right? Congrats on your victories!!!! =D

  4. I love this list! It made me misty and I just found your blog! I just might have to borrow the idea!

    Oh - and kudos to you for your humorous reply to the jackhole anonymous reply.

  5. OMG, I so understand the make-up thing! I may write a blog just about it some time. I never was one to wear make-up, I don't really like it, but since I've lost 55 lbs, I thought I'd give it a try. I keep forgetting to put it on, though! LOL

    Anyway, congrats on all your wonderful victories! One of my favorite ones is fitting into a restaurant booth with room to spare!

    Maria's Musings and Weight Loss

  6. Aww! Awesome, awesome, awesome times 16! You're doing great, and what a huge difference it makes.

  7. wonderful inspiring list.
    So so true..I could identify with loads..I laughed out loud at the lying on the bed to get jeans to zip up...I've been there!
    Me too with the no make up....I don't own more than one or two old bits and never were...you're right I should.
    I loved reading your wonderful list...you sound so happy, so motivated, so thrilled with the results .....its infectious!
    Well done