Monday, March 28, 2011

Beautiful People

So...I have been kicking around this idea for a while and I have decided that my lovely little piece of the literary world is going to RIP OFF the biggest magazine ever...People.  By RIP OFF, I, of course homage.

People's 50 Most Beautiful People issue is one of the highest selling for the brand.  Why?  Because we are obsessed with beauty.  Even those some of us who stand on a soapbox and say that subscribing to the world, media, or even Hollywood's idea of what is beautiful is a slippery slope...all have to stop and admit that we all have some idea or standard of beauty that we all want to fit into. 

I know that I have always wanted to be or have someone else think I was beautiful enough to say it a physical sense that is. 

But beyond that...I do believe that physical beauty fades and that inner beauty shines.  The inner beauty is what we remember most.   The kindness, the love, the laughter...   I want to honor that here.  So...I will be starting a series on Beautiful People that affect my life.  To honor them, to introduce my support system to you, and to acknowledge true beauty when I see it.

I want to add (to avoid any conversations about this later) that I have to pick someone to be first.  That does not mean that I think they are more beautiful or mean more to me than others.  (The fragile ego of family and friends)! 


  1. Good idea. I will be anxious to read your entries. Many of the Hollywood types are so shallow and have pitiful lives. One of my pet peeves is when celebrities get into politics. They are so full of themselves and with their money they help promote agendas. They only have one vote like the rest of us. I don't care what their political views are. Anyway - short rant there. My hero was my grandmother - an angel on earth if there ever was one. I remember those big granny panties drying on the line. She didn't wear a bra much and she was a big woman but I loved her because I knew she loved me. I never heard her say an unkind word about anybody. What a jewel she was. Beautiful.

  2. I LOVE THIS! And you're so right...inner beauty DOES shine. It friggin' radiates...long after the smooth skin, shiny hair, and toned limbs fade.


  3. That's an amazing idea, Christie. =) I can't wait to see who your Beautiful People are and how they're special to you. ;)

  4. great idea christie I hope one day to figure out how to comment with out using anom. lol I love your blog keep it up

  5. ok I guess I will just stick to Anonymous I cant figure this thing out... Keep it up Christie I really enjoy reading you blogs

  6. Help me up my friend, dust me off, feed me warmth.
    You are comfort.
    Let me lean on you, until I can stand alone.
    I will then stand a little taller and you will be proud
    to have a friend such as me.”

    Author Unknown

  7. Thanks for picking me be the first Beautiful Person! ;) :) ;)