Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Proper Planning, Doing The Right Thing, and Elizabeth Taylor

It is no secret that I do better with food on days that I plan and prepare my own foods, but now and again...I dare to live dangerously, consider my options, go out into the world of much choice and selection and make all the wrong decisions.

I am a fastidious food packer.  I pack a breakfast, lunch and two snacks for my work day.  I normally bring a breakfast of Sandwich Thin w/2 teaspoons of PB or a Bagel Thin w/half a mini cream cheese and a Yogurt.  My morning snack of string cheese and small bag of petite carrots. Lunch consisting of Chicken Breast sandwich, grapes, Sugar Free Jell-o, 100 calorie pack of some type. Afternoon fruity snack or Sugar Free Pudding.  I walk away from a work day and say I have eaten roughly 700-800 calories, leaving me plenty for dinner.  I can usually end an entire day under 1300 calories EASY!

I fell asleep early last night and woke up late, so this morning I walked out the door unprepared for the day.  For breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs on a Sandwich Thin w/1 strip of bacon (296) calories.  Lunch 6in Meatball Sub on wheat w /Mozzarella cheese from Subway and 1/4th bag of baked lays (595 calories), and for Dinner the cherry on top of Mt. Eat Crappola was a Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/bacon, fries, and a twist cone (852 calories). So, the good news...I am still under my sliding scale of 1500-1800 (barely) and the BAD NEWS I ate nary a veggie or fruit all day.  Nothing healthy fueled this body...all junk, junk, junk.  Calories be damned...I totally short changed myself on all fronts.  Dietary fail.  My worst in a LONG time.

Enough bellyaching bout that (and I am seriously in gastric-intestinal distress) do I combat it?  I have already made my lunch for tomorrow.  There will be NO ROUND 2.

So, total pop culture faux pas today...(which is totally unlike me accept for the time I confused Kim Richards with Kim Fields *right Scott?)  In learning of the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, I, in error, gave her credit for Millie Perkins role in 1959's The Diary of Anne Frank.  ( Liz...I am sure you would have been wonderful as well).  I may have even said that her portrayal brought Anne Frank to life for me (may have said?  I may as well have yelled it from the rooftops via Twitter**idiot**)  Instead I now have to admit that while I have seen plenty of films starring Ms. Taylor, my only thought provoking references are of her and Michael Jackson and of course, White Diamonds. (well, the SNL White Diamonds parody commercial**Von Ryan...these have always brought me luck**)  Disappointing for us both, I'm sure.

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