Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY TWO


Water consumed? I am embarassed to admit none.
Activity? None
Calories: around 1200, but I only ate two meals today.

My daughter has been extremely sick since just before the new year. Asthma, vomiting, malaise...5 days and two trips to the ER this weekend and we finally have a winner...strep with a rash. Her little body has been through so much over the past few days and people I have been worked like a sled dog. I am so tired. My fridge needs food and today was the day, but it never happened. Instead I spent the afternoon in the ER to get the above mentioned diagnosis. My beloved, long awaited 3 day weekend ended the same way it began with the inbetween being spent as a nursemaid. It's not about the taking care of her, I'm her mommmy...that's what I do, but golly geez this lady needs a BREAK. Looks like my break will come in the form of work! That is unless Erica Bearica gets it too and looks like she is trying too!

So, crew, I am not going to be that hard on myself about the failure today, but I am ready to pick it back up tomorrow!!! How did everyone else do?


  1. I hope your daughter gets to feeling better! I didn't get all my water in ~ well, if you want to count unsweetened tea.

  2. I think that your excuse is quite valid. =/ I don't like hospitals in the least, so if I had to spend hours waiting in the ER with a sick baby, I wouldn't come straight home and start working out. Lol.

    As for me... I did alright. I haven't got a chance to work out today, hopefully I'll have the energy by the time I get off, but otherwise, not too bad. 1070 on calories at this point, not too bad on water, spent a good many calories on a soda. But I wanted it, so whateva'.

    You'll get back into it. I wouldn't count this as an epic failure, just a little bubble in your routine. =)

  3. I agree, not an epic fail, just life.

    I did pretty awesome this over this 3 day weekend, but the real challenge always comes with the work week. Failure to meal plan is my biggest problem, so I come home and stare at the fridge or the freezer for 20 minutes before I decide what I am going to eat, which is usually not a balanced meal.

    I think your blog is brave and inspiring, keep up the good work!