Monday, January 17, 2011

New Beginnings Redux

I don't know what it is about my body, but I swear everytime I mentally commit to a challenge my body physically rejects it. Yes...I am sick again. Not just sick, but supremely ill. So ill in fact that it deserves a title and needs to be treated as an event. I will call it THE 36 HOURS OF SLEEP. That's right 36 hours of sleep. I went to the urgent care center and apparently my strep is fairly aggressive and the first round of antibiotics not only did not clear it up, but also did not prevent me from getting a sinus infection on top of it. Funny thing is...I would have thought I was over the strep.

I hosted a bday party for my nephew, Jordyn, on Saturday and I was fine. Afterwards I posted the terms of my new challenge and re-read some old posts and really started feeling down in the dumps. It has now been 18 months since I started this blog and I actually think I just weigh a pound less than when I officially started. Granted I had also gained weight and I am actually still 18 lbs less than my highest weight, so there have been changes for the good, but it made me feel like a bit of a joke. I feel like I am armed with all the information, but do I lack the fortitude to stay on track? I guess we'll see!

When I finally spent a significant time awake this afternoon, I sucked it up and did my hip lifts. I am on the way to reaching my water goals and my calories are under control since I have been to sick to eat anything I have consumed a total of 200 calories in the last two days and they were 100% from Gatorade.

On to better things...I told you that my nephew had his birthday party at my house on Saturday, but I failed to mention that it was his first birthday. He is a sweetie and he loves his Aunt Creepie!(All my nieces and nephews call me I was looking over photos that I took of him eating his smash cake and was such a funny metaphor for how I feel sometimes.

This is Jordyn--->

He is not unlike his Aunt Creepie in that he pretty much rocks!

Sometimes something gets set in front of me that I know I shouldn't eat and I think, well...I'll just stick a finger in and get a taste. Inevitably, I always end up acting all psychotic about it and shoveling it in by the fistfuls not unlike seen here>

Before too long and before I even realize it...I am sitting behind an empty plate.

Admittedly...I have never gone this far---->

I added this pic for purely gratuitous reasons. and so that I could say:

Dear Wal-Mart,

Do not make smash cakes iced in red. The photographic result comes out a bit Dexter-ous.


  1. Wow, hope you feel better! That crap is going around EVERYWHERE!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Get back in bed, dope up, and watch sitcoms until you feel better! That's craziness.

    Love all the pictures, even if the last one is a bit disturbing. :)