Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Challenge Begins on Monday...Are you in?

I have decided to shorten my challenges because let's just face it the last one was B O R I N G.
So here's the deal...they will run Monday through Friday 5 day challenge with weigh in every monday. Monday...I will post my weight, if you are in, post yours to my Monday blog or if you don't want to make it public, then send me an email and I will keep your number on the DL. I will however, starting in the second week, start awarding my hero of the previous week.

I know what you're thinking..."We don't need another he---ro" What? You weren't thinking that?...maybe it's just me. thoughts are to announce my hero of the week and allow the "hero" to submit a guest blog! Oooooo! I am excited! I also want to focus my next challenge on the activity.

I am going to continue to bump up my activity, but I am also going to focus on an additional excercise every week. For example this week for my exercise challenge I am going to bump it to 40 minutes, but separate from that I intend to do 100 hip lifts everyday.

Modified hip lift---lay on your back with bent knees, hold your knees tight ( I have always been told to imagine that you are holding a 100 bill between your knees and you are trying to prevent someone from taking it) Squeeze your butt cheeks (that's right..I said butt cheeks, but I am not a professional and even if I was saying gluteas maximus makes me sound like I am putting on heirs and believe me...I am not.) While squeezing lift your hips. Believe it or not this works your booty and your abs. My commitment is to do 100 everyday for 5 days on top of my 40 minute work outs 3 times in 5 days. The challenge does not require you to do this exercise, but the challenge terms are to find an excercise that interests you and you are physically able to do everyday for 5 days.

The rest of the challenge remains the same:

100oz of water
1500-1800 calories a day
40 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

Yes, I also reduced the amount of workouts per week...what a disaster the last one was!

My grandma (who reads my blog by the way) informed me today that she feels my blog is lacking and it used to be better when I was telling little stories. I guess she finds it boring! I let her know that I didn't think it was different and she responded by advising me that as a reader she is a critic and she finds my recent posts lacking....I guess I will have to work on that! I mean...if I can't keep my own grandma entertained. LOL!


  1. LOL! Oh Christie... I love grandmas. <3 Little old(er) ladies rawk!

    Also... I would say I'm in, but I joined Syl's challenge to work out 5 days a week for 30 minutes and I must say... I royally fuckered that one up bad. Lol. So. Let me think about it - since I usually weigh in on Wednesdays. =S I'm with you on the calories, though (my slide is like 1200-1800), and I will do my best on the water. I seem to have beef with drinking so much water some days - some days are better than others. But 100 oz is 5 bottles, so I may be able to get myself into that. =)

  2. Your challenge sounds great, it is just a bit different from my Medifast plan that I follow, and since I payed ALOT of money for this dang plan, I'll have to stick to it. However, I do look forward to seeing your great progress-go get it girl!

    Polar's Mom