Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY FOUR

Sorry so late. I came home from work and completely crashed. Made dinner and then it was over. I told the hubby I was going to lay down for a minute and I was asleep in minutes and stayed that way until about 20 minutes ago...just in time to do it all over again.

Here are the stats for yesterday.

80oz of water---not quite the goal, but I wouldn't call this a fail either. 80 oz of water is a lot of water and it is definitely more than I was drinking before.

I ended my calories at 1567 which is well within my range and I am pleased!

As I mentioned...I came home after running around to pick up everyone, made dinner, and completely crashed. I got no exercise in, disappointing in terms of the challenge, but I am ok with it. After all, the point of the challenge is to challenge yourself to do this things with the determination that they will become part of my daily routine and get me on the road to health and wellness. So I pick up the challenge again to day determined to be successful on all fronts!

Happy floating!

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