Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY FIVE

Got to make this quick because I am addicted to "My Strange Addiction" on TLC and well, it's on, so as much as I LOVE YOU, Blog World family...the voyuer in me must watch this lady eat household cleaner...sick, but true...LOL

I have lots to say so I may be back later, but this post is just about the facts, ma'am!

110 oz of water!!! YEAH!!!
Calories...1055, wha-at? I know..I can't believe it, but I may have a snack, but that will at most be 100 calorie pack of Pecan Sandies still waaaay under my 1500-1800 scale
Exercise=40 minutes on the treadmill.

Today is a super good day! Maybe see ya again tonight. Keep fighting the good fight.

Anybody know how many calories are in Comet? I mean...yuck!


  1. Hey Its really good you are staying motivated. i checked out your previous posts. I started last month on the eating right and working out thing. Ive lost 2 pounds this week lol. but im working towards 50.

    Im still in college and my blog may not catch your attention but check it out anyway.

    keep doing what your are doing and the weight will come off. oh and my mom lost 70lbs with quick weight loss. (just in case) i am going to follow you to check your progress :)

  2. I can't watch that show. It freaks me out (especially the commercials with the house hold cleaner)!