Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year 11 day challenge DAY SIX and SEVEN

So...I am sick!

I guess the weekend of dealing with the kiddies horrid case of strep actually caught up with me. Last night was another night of wasting my precious minutes on earth sleeping immediately after dinner.

I also have to apologize because on top of not feeling well, I am totally having an I HATE MY LIFE HISSY FIT! That's why I am in the situation that I am in, I suppose. I'll get into that after the stats

Water consumption:
DAY SIX: 88oz
DAY SEVEN: 96oz and the night is not over

DAY SIX: 1604


....ok now my life. Did I mention that it sucks, right now? YEAH, I think I did. I spent all last weekend taking care of a very sick kid and now I am sick. My husband started a business with no capital but our own personal finances after we built a big, beautiful house that we could still swing thanks to some rental properties that we own, but to add another chapter to what feels like an insane tragedy, our only consistently paying renters just gave notice and we have to look for new tenants which is always tricky. Everyone has troubles and I get that. The economy is bad, I get that too. My husband is following a dream and while I support that dream against all odds, it makes my life more difficult. It means we can't do things as a family because he is on call all the time. It means that I can't do things without my children for the same reason. It means that when he is working, I am picking up the slack. This makes it soo much harder to focus on what needs to be done for me. Harder for me to stay on track. On top of all this there is barely money to pay the bills let alone money for little luxuries and when there is a little extra, we splurge on our kids, because they are good kids and they deserve it. I feel like the last year is all work and no play and no tiring. that I am done ranting...I want to thank you all for being out there and encouraging me. I have been trying really hard to stay on track with my challenge, but life gets in the way. Anywho...we get to do it all again tomorrow, right?


  1. I get it! It's depressing to feel like you are stuck in the house because of funds. And to not have your hubby around is difficult. Here's to a good new year....maybe things will turn around!

  2. Try and get some rest....feel better.

  3. Despite the odds and challenges you face, you're doing pretty damned well, chick. I can understand how tight bills can be... It's hard these days, and I can only imagine how much harder it is trying to run a household, and be a landlord where times are tough. =/

  4. Yeah, I think you are doing good despite everything. Get some rest and keep doing what you are doing !! :)

  5. I hope you're feeling better, Christie! But, maybe to offer some inspirational cheer... I gave you a blogger award over on my blog - enjoy. ;)