Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Bye 2011!


  1. Very good thinking....let it go...say goodbye to it. Don't let it move with you to 2012. You are a brave and strong woman in your own right and although you have proved you can withstand tough times, you can control some elements of life and make them what you want them to be and just let go of that which you cannot control. I am very much looking forward to sharing this path with you in 2012. may the year bring you every good thing x

  2. Now make a board with all the things u will accomplish this year and put it by your bed so u see it everyday. If u see it everyday and know that these things will be accomplished. They will.

    Amy ( or you could just call me Oprah)

  3. I have seen this many times, and heard people say that they found it helpful. Am I stubborn, closed minded, or just afraid of starting my house on fire, I'm not sure. I have never done it, but maybe I'll write down some things and head out to the fire pit, I'll let you know, probably via my blog if I get around it. I'm glad it felt so good for you!!
    Oh, and I'm glad your're back as well...