Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day! or Today, I Might Go Completely Insane

I love my kids.  I love my kids.  I love my kids.  I LOVE my kids.  I love MY kids. I love MY KIDS.

Today is a day for reinforcement. Today is the first official SNOW DAY.  It is the first day of school my daughter has missed all year and if they all plan on starting out like today, I hope it is the LAST one. Today would be easiest if I called for all day nap day, Clean-a-Palooza 2012 (which still may happen) (kids upstairs...mama down), or my oldest will slow the roll on her Seven going on bitchy attitude. (Here's hoping or it will be a LONG day for both of us). 

I have been doing an awesome job rocking my plan.  I am really proud of me. That may sound bad, but I have really been fighting my staff. (you know, the voices) ;) I have been planning my meals at least a day in advance to be sure that I know what is available.  My entire family is on board this time, so it makes a difference.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my friends and family are involved in a weight loss competition (ala Biggest Loser).  The person with the highest percentage of body weight lost wins the pot.  The winner is going to net a cool $780.00 and in this economy...its worth it to lose the weight just to pay some bills.  LOL!

My hubby is participating as well and its funny because he is taking it so seriously.  I lost 4lbs last week and he lost 7.  Of course, I have been working my boo-tay off compared to him to get half the result.  Where's the Women's Liberation movement when it comes to that issue?

My workouts have included a cycling challenge that I have made with myself inspired by Jackie over at Midlife Train Ride.  I plan on cycling 10 miles a day on average.  So far...I am ahead of the game.  I have been cycling (recumbent bike) between 7 - 7.5 miles in the morning and 6 - 6.5 miles in the evening.  I did totally skip cycling yesterday due to T I R E D legs.  I think this is definitely more my speed.  I had to drop out of Brad Gansberg's 5kin100days because it is just too much for me right now.  He was very gracious about it which I appreciate  I have completed 2 5k's.  I would love to run one (or possibly further), but I really need to curb my "all or nothing" attitude and work up to it.  I am a big fan of pumping my arms while I am riding, you know, kind of like when you are running.

I even bought these really cool weight gloves. They are hand weights, but they strap on like gloves. Adds more resistance to my movements and I can wear them cycling and/or walking without feeling like I have to hold on to something. I love them. Wal-Mart (the devil) has them for under $10 a pair.

I told you that my family is really involved this time.  The LAST time.  So today's spark is my 4 year old daughter Erica. I planned to put a video of her on the stationary bike talking about her workout schedule (8 minutes and then she rests, in her, but blogger isn't cooperating.


  1. hehehe, my girls keep asking me why we don't exercise any more, they are going to keep me on track after little man shows up! I'm digging the gloves, those are neat!

  2. Good job on rocking your plan! Hopefully either you or you HB win that money, good to keep it in the family. I like the gloves, they would be good for walking. Nice nail polish too!