Friday, December 30, 2011

Where The Heck Is Ruby Gettinger?

I have been asking myself that a lot lately.  I guess her Style Network show was cancelled or something.  Its not like we are friends or anything, but she used to be all over Twitter and Facebook spouting quotes from Helen Keller, Chinese Proverbs, and what not.  Now...she's just gone.  Makes me she suffering a relapse like I have? 

It is like the "Camaraderie of Fat".  I feel the same way when we lose a blogger.  I could just as easily call this post "Where The Heck Is Booty By Cupcakes?" and I would just as easily really want to know.  Ya'll know I'm not perfect, but I die a little inside any time one of my blogging buddies disappears.  Are they off plan?  Are they giving up?  If they I doomed to fail? 

I know I am responsible for me, but I can't help a little human random thought.  (and I am truly sorry if I have caused anyone to die a little

It is almost New Year's Eve and the resolutions are kickin'.  Weightloss Blogland is a bustling metropolis again.  New bloggity's are popping up everyday as we get closer to the New Year.  I can't wait to meet new friends and learn new things about myself vicariously through them.  I can't wait to continue to support my fellow bloggers and loyal readers.  I happily await their support of me.  Sometimes its all that gets me through.

I would be remiss not to mention the return of the curmudgeonly gentleman weight loss blogger that everyone loves to hate.  He seems to have possibly taken on a kinder, gentler, way of blogging which I applaud.  Whatever your take on what needs to be done to get you to a better space, then take it.  I learn from all different points of view and I can definitely appreciate them.

There will be no resolutions surrounding weight loss for me this year. I refuse to set up parameters that will only make me feel worse about myself if I fail to meet them.  That doesn't mean that I am not setting goals...I am.  I am participating in a Lose Big 2012 competition with close family and friends.  I am concurrently following 5k in 100 days with Brad Gansberg. 

While all of this stuff starts at the beginning of the year, it is coincidental for me.  I have been doing this for over 2 years now...something has got to give.

I have decided to surround myself with positive.  The negative finds its way in...there is no need for me to invite it in.  I need to start living my life like I say I would if the fat was not an issue.  God first, Family second (stopping to remember that I AM part of my family), and everything else third.

My messed up priorities are a thing of the past.  I keep saying over and over about how I need a job, but when I had a job I was saying if I had all the time that they have on the Biggest Loser Ranch I would lose weight and HELLO, CHRISTIE!  You've been laid off for over 8 months.  Total waste of time, no more.  If I can get up in the morning for a job, then why not for me?

"Knowing is not enough.  You must take action." ~Tony Robbins

Take ACTION with me.

Today's Spark: ME...that should be enough.

Point of Discussion: I never thought Jennifer Hudson was fat (granted she looks stupendous) I off my rocker?  Talk amongst yourselves.  :)

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  1. I have lost a number of bloggers and some I had become really connected with and just disappeared without ever saying goodbye and I hold a long term sadness over their loss.
    I applaud each and every person who uses their blog to encourage and support others - it really helps doesn't it