Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lady In Waiting

That is what I am calling myself, anyway.  You know the saying "No News is Good News"?  Let me tell ya...sometimes no news is just no news and no news is sometimes nerve wracking.

I had a great day yesterday.  Finally over my jet lag.

After I sent Autumn to school, I took Erica to the babysitter's and happily visited my local Massage Envy and de-stressed.  I have been a member there for nearly two years and I appreciate it more than anything.  I get a member massage once a month and of i can't make it in...they accumulate and I can cash them in for extra massages during the month or upgrade to a two hour massage or some other fancy offering they have.

Oddly enough, I have never felt uncomfortable being there and being overweight (except for the therapist that kept using hand sanitizer while she was giving my massage...I guess she thought fat=dirty).  If you have one in your should check it out.  As a matter of fact go to the Massage Envy website, see if there is one in your area and let me know in the comments section.  Maybe...just maybe...I can finagle a gift card for my next give a way, but I want to know that there is a good number of people can use them first.

I also had lunch with my friends Scott and Debbie.  Where I had a salad.  Of was one of those "I thought I was being good salads"  Romano Crusted Chicken Salad.  I knew that it had a lot of extras in it, so I asked them to hold the eggs and give me the Creamy Parmesan dressing on the side.  It had bacon also, but I figured "how much bacon could it actually have"?    Turns out a lot, but the pieces were big enough that I could move them aside, so I could control how much of it I ate.  The chicken was very flavorful, so flavorful in fact that I didn't even use the dressing.

When I came home and tried to log my calories.  I found out the salad that I ate is listed on the restaurant website as....get this....1060 calories.  Sheesh!  How am I supposed to log that?  I didn't eat the dressing which was served in a condiment cup.  I didn't eat the eggs and less than half of the bacon?  I know to watch out for restaurant salads, but wow!  All in all I had figured that it was about 200 calories for the dressing I didn't eat.  I assumed based on the size of the salad that they probably use at least an egg and a half, so I deducted another 100 calories.  Then deducted about 140 calories for all the bacon I did not eat.  All in all I had a 620 calorie salad.  STILL WOW.  Breaks my heart actually.  I could have eaten something really not so great, but the worst part of the whole thing was that I ordered dessert and only ate maybe a third of it (intentionally)...either way, I was screwed.  BTW, that salad had 49g of fat.  For what I paid for that should come with a warning.

On the scale this morning...I am seeing the downward trend again and I am excited.  Now....if I only knew something about that job....

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