Monday, January 16, 2012

199 Posts and a Pre Give-a-way Give-a-way

There are many things on my mind today.

  1. After two snow days at the end of last week and the holiday today...I am glad to school is back in session tomorrow.
  2. Tomorrow is my weigh in and even though I am on the scale everyday (if not several times a day), I am hopeful that my preliminary numbers will continue to hold out.
  3. Whatever is lost is behind me.  There can be no more wasted life. This has to be the last time I see numbers that could be confused with an oven temperature.
I continue to press on, but as many of you know...the further you get into it...the easier to lose your way.
I can not lose my way this time.  I must remind myself daily.  Biggest Loser will not save me.  Is it pathetic that I think that the thought that it might is probably still floating around in there somewhere?  The thought that they made a mistake doesn't briefly pop into my head sometimes (ok...more than briefly).

Anywho.  I am still going and everyday that I am going...I am getting stronger and further away from the numbers that crush my soul (or LITERALLY crush my lungs) and closer to being free of the weakness and apathy that got me here today.  FREE OF IT, FOREVER!

This is my 199th post and while I promised a give-a-way on my 200th post, I thought 199 may just deserve one too.
I am giving away my slightly used copy of The Biggest Loser Quick and Easy Cookbook.  There is some very minor water damage and my four year old has autographed the cover, but for all intents and purposes it is like new.  It not only includes recipes, but weight loss tips, as well as a few 20 minute exercises routines for beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers alike. 

I know you are asking yourself, "How do I make this baby mine?"  There are a couple of different ways and you can earn multiple entries.

  1. Become a follower of this blog (if you aren't already)
  2. Leave a comment on this blogpost.
  3. Facebook Friends can share this post on Facebook and link it back to me.
  4. Twitter followers can tweet the following "@lifeinblubber rocks my socks!"
Whatever entries I receive between now and Tuesday night at 11:59pm will be assigned a number and then placed into a randomizer where the winner will be selected by random number draw.  Good Luck and Happy Entering!

GIVE A WAY IS NOW CLOSED.  There was a total of 13 entries.  I counted all new follows first, then comments, then Tweets, then FB shares. randomizer selected #3 of 13.  Congratulations Teresa!!!


  1. I want to win!!!!!! goodluck to all participants...

  2. Yes, you can enter up to 4 times using the above methods.

  3. Congrats on post 199! Very cool.
    Thanks for the giggles...weight confused with an oven
    I can't wait to hear about your weigh in, here's hoping the scale continues to show you the respect you deserve!

  4. I would love that copy of Biggest Loser Recipes... Your doing a great job Christie. Keep it up!

  5. My first comment didn't post but anyway! Keep up the good work. Enter me in your give away...

  6. I am assuming because of postage costs this is US only which I understand.x

    Nearly 200 posts what a great milestone

    Keeping on going is what sets you out from so many who didn't keep going. well done x

    1. Actually, it is open to all countries. I am feeling generous. ;)