Thursday, January 26, 2012

In The Lurch

Jet no joke.

I know you all want to know what happened with my job interview.  So do I.  I know nothing.

Let me start from the beginning.

 I left my house yesterday morning round 6:30am. The weatherman said freezing rain, so I left extra early for my 10:20 flight.  Everything I felt was ominous.  I really wish that my thought patterns were different, but they're not, so I said good-bye  to my family, stopping to kiss each of my kids on the forehead and give them what I was sure would be their last kiss from me.  Not to be melodramatic, but that is just how far my fear of flying goes.  Probably from watching too much LaBamba as a kid.  "...and stars don't fall out of the sky"

I get to the airport.  Find my ticket counter.  Realize I left my phone in the car.  Who said I wasn't gonna get a workout in today?  I trek all the way back out to the car for my phone.  The airport was hit by a tornado last April and I am shocked that it is January and so many windows are still boarded up.  I finally make it to my gate and still have about an hour to wait. 


So nervous that my insides are shaking.  I realize that the iPod has played Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon" like 10 times and reading an article about JFK Jr.  Ironic. my opinion, is an excellent airline.  They were friendly and I was uber pleased to not have to use a seat belt extension.  (Fear #2 averted).  My prayers lasted the entire length of the takeoff.  It seemed like just as we were in the air, we were landing again.

Off the plane and on to my interview.  I was pleased that the wait for them to pick me up was not that long, however...the interview was something that I dreaded almost as much.  Not because I was interviewing, but because I am fat and it is a lunch interview. 

Insecurity.  As much as I can be open here...I am still very insecure. 

Imagine my surprise when the interviewer admits that he is trying to lose some weight, has a personal trainer, and promptly takes a moment to log his food choices into his phone.  (Fear #3 averted)  I realize that this in no way means that he accepts who I am like I am, but it allows me to relate to him on a 'secret' level.  He KNOWS it's not easy.

The interview was conversational and I am pleased with the way it went.  They told me that they would talk about me (lol) and get back with me.  They also informed me that there is a training class in February.  I am hoping that by them revealing that information is a good sign.  When it's over, they drop me back off at the airport.

I'd like to say that everything from this point went off without a hitch, but it did not.

After promptly entering the Detroit airport and going through their body scanners, I was held up by security.  It appears that the scanners detected that I was "hiding something in my groin area".  They asked me if I knew what it was, in front of EVERYONE.  I quietly replied that I believed it could be some feminine undergarments.  I was placed in the scanner again.  Same thing.  I was immediately questioned about my belongings. 

"Why do you only have a purse and shoes?  Did you check your bag?"  TSA inquired.
"No.  That's all I have." I replied.
"Why don't you have any luggage?"
"I'm here for a job interview, I flew in this morning and now I am flying back home."

I was then whisked off to an area enclosed with privacy glass and promptly given a head to toe TSA pat down.  They kept asking me if there was anything I wanted to tell them anything, but instead of emptying the ever growing contents of my brain...I said "no."  They seemed surprised that I was so compliant. was not, but I wanted to get home to my hubby and babies so pat away.

US AIRWAYS while they were friendly, they weren't fat friendly for sure.  I will admit now that on my plane ride from Detroit to North Carolina, I didn't even wear a seat belt.  Not only did it not fit (on the same type plane as Delta with waaaaay smaller seats), but anytime I tried to get the air stewards attention on this incredibly FULL flight they LITERALLY looked the other way.  It was tight and the guy next to me seemed to be getting agitated.  I wanted to get home, so I kept my mouth shut.  From NC to St. Louis, I was upgraded to first class thanks to some fantastic advice from my step mom. 

All my planes arrived to their destinations early and I arrived safely (Fear #1 averted).  I was able to stay on plan thanks to no time to eat and being incredibly difficult to eat during an interview.

For food, I chose a grilled chicken sandwich (lettuce and tomato) to which I added no condiments, cut and consumed only half w/fries (I ate like 6).  In the Charlotte/Douglas airport I purchased a cheese stick and a nut based trail mix. I drank only water.

Glad to be home.

Today's Spark: Wanting to fit in airplane seats.


  1. I'm always so afraid I'm going to set the scanner off even though I would have no reason to.

    Glad the interview went so well! Hopefully mention of a training class is good news!

    1. Complete surprise to me. My first time in the scanner. If I have to go won't be my last, so...perhaps next time I will be more prepared. ;)