Sunday, January 22, 2012

And the winner is.......

Cinner.  I took all comments removed my replies and all duplicate entries.  Ran the numbers through randomizer and it selected #2.  Congratulations Cinner!  I sent an email and I await an address for mailing purposes!  So thankful for all my readers.  I like give-a-ways and I will continue to look for more opportunities to bring you great stuff like this.


  1. POO. I don't like LOL. No just kidding Congrats Cinner!

  2. Oh Christie, I am over the moon excited. It is an amazing gift and just what I need. you are very generous. We are about 4 pounds apart right now, I have always felt a connection with you, don't ever doubt yourself. Thank you and a big hug. You have made my day.