Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was all braggin' on myself earlier...what is going on with me this afternoon/evening?

Jim, the kids, and I went grocery shopping earlier today. I would've gone by myself, but it's a lonely endeavor and a crazy one if I have the kids in tow, so I was super pleased Jim agreed to go with me. He keeps me company and he keeps me focused (he LOATHES Wal-Mart)! Those are the pros.

The cons? When he comes with me...ALWAYS over budget and tons of junk food. Still...I am cool, right? I have this all under control. I pick up some 100 calorie snack packs, sugar free jell-o (gelatin and pudding), and some nice fresh fruit. I am good to go.

Halfway through shopping, Jim suggests that we eat lunch at the Blimpie's located in Wal-Mart. I have never eaten Blimpie's, despite the fact that they are apparently "America's sub". I figure, it's a sandwich, it's set up kind of like bad could it be?

We finished shopping and headed over to get our 'sammich' on and I was thoroughly perplexed by their menu. I ordered a ham and cheese for my youngest. My oldest wanted meatball and so did Jim. I stood there thinking "mmmm meatball" (remember the spaghetti incident) then I thought I NEED to get something else, something unbeef and something less fat like turkey. I picked out the Turkey with provolone and I was pointing right at it when I heard myself tell the girl "12 inch meatball on wheat". I thought to myself "what am I doing? Tell her you made a mistake" But after not trying too hard to convince myself that I would just be making a spectacle I half-heartedly sat with my family to eat.

As I ate...this was the conversation in my mind:
"MMM Meatball...I mean, come on a day is gonna come where I have got to be able to eat like other people...lay off yourself, it's one sandwich one day, it's not like you got chips and/or a cookie's probably not even as bad as you think"

Let me tell was worse. 1140 calories for that sandwich. I ate practically my entire days calories in one sandwich. I only ate 3/4ths of it, but it doesn't really matter. If that were the worst of it. I could end here and tell you "onward and downward", but it's not.

We rented movies. Jim cracked his snacks open. A box of Entenmenns Chocolate Covered Devil's Food Donuts. I hate these donuts! Too much chocolate and I think they are nasty, but oh my...from across the room. I could smell the chocolate and I knew I had to have one, but he was just bragging about me and talking about how proud he was that I was REALLY doing something. This mission...just became covert. I brought my camera strictly for surveillance purposes. I found the donuts on the shelf in the pantry.

This is pretty much what they looked like
When I turned them over, I saw that Jim
had pretty much attacked them! I
decided to check the label, as you can
see...I have issues with that.
Well, that and an addiction to every flavor of Cheerios.
It's hard to see in this photo, but it says 1 serving is 1 Donut
There are 8 servings in a box. They are 300 Calories a piece!
My husband just ate 1800 calories worth of donuts in 20 minutes
or less, he ate in excess of my entire days calories and he is not fat.
How does that happen?
I looked through my selection of 100 calorie snacks still
in shock about the hubs.
Eventually, despite my earlier downfall, I decided to drown my sorrows
in Key Lime pie


  1. I love that gum!!!

    Isn't it annoying how some people can eat that much and not gain weight? So not fair...

    And that Blimpie sandwich.. isnt that so upsetting? Why do they make sandwiches with that many calories? Is it not possible for them to make a good tasting one without all that? Its insane. Especially because most people probably don't look up the nutrition facts.

  2. Men, I tell you they sure *seem* to. Have it easier, but some people sure luck out in the metabolism gene.
    next time you wont order the meatball sammich, now you know. I

  3. I so totally understand this, my hubby same thing, he can eat everything he wants to. I was surprised by the calories in the sandwich. just knock it up to a bad day, and a new one begins. can't wait to see your results Monday. hugs.