Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just A Little 'bit' Fit

It's been a long week...

I had another snow day on Thursday and well, have I mentioned that I am tired of them? I was on my way to work, packing the kids in the car to go to daycare and the sitter, respectively, when the phone rang. Yes, it was an all too familiar number. I picked up and gave the courtesy 'hello' just so that I could hear that robotic male voice on the other side of the line stating "The following message is from School Reach" (This man's voice angers me like an old boyfriend that once borrowed my car while I was working and then failed to pick me up for 5 hours after my shift) I let out a loud, "You have got to be KIDDING me.", but by that time he had 'handed' the phone off to his lady friend to give me another recorded message telling me there was no school."

Can't they alter that message? For once, can I pick up the phone and hear "We are truly sorry that for the safety of your child we must cancel classes today, we know that this is an inconvenience to your careers and ability to make $$ to feed said kids, but perhaps since you live in a rural area you can spend today teaching them to live off the land." (Cue the banjos) Who am I kidding? I went back in and took a LONG nap. I do want to acknowledge that normally, I have a backup plan, but unfortunately the sitter that watches my daughter had a death in the family this week, so it fell to me.

Things have been so busy this week, I have neglected checking in...but I have been on point and on plan.

I also purchased a little bit of activity motivation. The fitbit wireless personal trainer. ( I have been wanting to purchase something that helped me track my activity for a long time...I had researched the bodybugg and I wanted it, but grappled with the expense. (Almost $300.00, if you purchase the optional wrist display/heart monitor) In case I haven't mentioned it enough, we are broke, but I still had decided against my better judgement I was going to do it. Then Thursday afternoon I came home from work and there was a pop up message on my Facebook page from a friend who recently purchased the BodyMedia (which is similarly priced to the bugg and they both have subscription fees as well) that said "Have you seen the fitbit?"

"Why, no I haven't?" I replied out loud to myself (which I do a lot), but I have seen it now and it was reasonably priced at $99.00. Ladies you can wear it on your bra and it tracks your movement, acts as a pedometer, activity meter, and calorie burn tracker. It has a helpful interactive website that syncs the tracker to your information, your height and your weight to give you an accurate burn rate. It also does a fantastic job of making you aware of your calorie deficits which should predict over a week, how much weight you will lose. I love it so far, but I have only had it for less than 24 hours, so it's still new, but I will keep you apprised of it's value on my journey. I am going to try to write more later...a lot going on and this post is LONG enough!


  1. Ohhh... definitely let me know how the bit works out... it sounds preferable to spending a crapton on a bodybugg. Sorry for the snow days. =/ I dislike how much snow we've been getting, too.

  2. You are quite funny. They really should say something nice like that on the recording - really! I have a BodyBugg and I don't really like it because of where you have to wear it. It doesn't always go with my clothes :)

    The fitbit looks kind of cool, especially if it can be hidden under your clothes. Do give us an update review, please.