Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast

I don't know why I am sore from my run last night, but I am. This sucks because, of course, I am in for my 3.1 today. I am gearing myself up for it.

I woke up this morning and felt like falling into that same old, we have guests, make big breakfast. I have told you before about my LOVE of Breakfast. Then I asked myself, why do I think it is hospitable to clog the arteries of people who are visiting my home?

"Welcome...Your room is upstairs on the left. You will find towels and wash cloths in the linen closet as well as fresh soap. Please ignore the tornado of toys that will no doubt be littering your path. Please step carefully as my insurance has a high deductible. We serve breakfast promptly at 8 and it will consist of the normal daily allotment of calories for a 6 ft tall uber active male and you will reach your fat content for the day. See you then."

Those of you who think that eating a big breakfast starts you off for the day and allows you to feel full longer and throughout the day would be mistaken. A University of Munich Study, after following 380 people (280 were obese and 100 were of normal weight eating a variety of breakfasts from skipping to small to big meals in the morning) found that those who ate large breakfasts consumed on average 400 calories more than those who ate a smaller breakfast. The results...(insert drumroll) The people who ate the big breakfast consumed 400 or more calories per day than those who did not.

It did nothing to curb their appetite throughout the day at all.
What is a Big Breakfast to you, though? I asked a friend who told me that the felt that for comparison sake that a breakfast combo meal was a "normal" sized breakfast. Then I asked what about like a McDonald's Big Breakfast and I was told...."It's right there in the name, Christie...BIG Breakfast." Then using the terms I have learned over years of watching Top Chef I said "Aha!, but the Big Breakfast is just a regular breakfast combo meal 'deconstructed'."

This is crazy:
McDonald's Big Breakfast 578 calories
McDonald's Deluxe Breakfast 1197
Denny's American Slam 1028 calories and 87 grams of fat
Sunday Breakfast at my House *don't judge (2 eggs over easy, 4 strips of bacon, 2-3 pancakes) 1103 calories

Granted...I have not made one of these breakfasts in a LONG LONG time, but I have in the past and I was going to serve it to my guests this morning until I realized that there was NOOO way, I wasn't gonna eat it too!

Instead, not only was my guest not interested in breakfast...but I made my own version of a breakfast sandwich. Which was filling and came in at 266 calories

Christie's Scrumptious Breakfast Sandwich

1 Arnold's Sandwich Thin (toasted)
Chopped Onions
Chopped Green Pepper
2 Double G Biscuit Slices (Ham)
6 TBSP of Liquid Egg Whites
1 Squirt of Crisco Olive Oil Spray
Shredded Cheese (any type)

Spray Olive Oil in small skillet at low heat, turn up to medium add veggies and closely and flip ham often. Remove ham from skillet and add 6 tbsp of Liquid Egg Whites, fold egg whites in half and then half again. Compile Sandwich and lightly sprinkle shredded cheese over the top. YUMMEEE!


  1. I wouldn't eat the ham, but the rest of it looks like a great way to prepare for a morning of tree climbing and an afternoon of baboon kicking.

  2. I love to eat breakfast sandwiches at the house. Your version is alot like mine. Yummo!

    For a "big" breakfast I make 3 egg whites, 2 strips of turkey bacon, 2 peices of turkey bacon, and a bowl of fruit. Much healthier and it curbs that big breakfast mentality.