Monday, February 7, 2011

Riddle me this, Bloggers.

Today's weigh in...295. WTF? I have been on track both with activity and calories. The only thing different is that I have not been getting my water in this week and with all the snow and such, I have consumed copious amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper. Can this actually account for such a CRAZY increase when I know I have been good. For example, yesterdays total calorie intake was 1356.

I am off the Pepper for good, just looking for some response to whether or not this is plausible. My blood sugars have been elevated this last week as well, but my family has been sick for like the past month, so I just assumed that it was related.

I'll be back later. Thanks for any and all input.


  1. Oh noes! It could be muscle building, too, though. You HAVE been workin' that treadmill, making it your bitch. So... But I guess, yeah, it could be the Pepper, too. What about your salt intake? How's that been? Could also account for some puff. =/

    Keep your chin up, lady. You can do this.

  2. soda is some nasty stuff-trust me I LOVE it. Apparently the carbonation messes with digestion, and the caffeine, well we all know what that does... I have had a heckuva time with it this past week, too. I use it as a sub for eating cause it blows up my stomach... I'm sure your next week will be dandy!

    Polar's Mom