Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Bullies or The Tale of the Sausage Roll with a Bacon Grease Kicker

*Grandma---this may not be your favorite blog*** WARNING IN ADVANCE

My thoughts have begun to meander back to the early beginnings of my blogging days. Back when I was hurt and overly sensitive to people's ignorance. Now random people's comments seemed to hurt less because I was as equally indignant.


Random Stranger, "Here comes Fatty McFattenstein, her mouth is open and her hands are empty. Tie down your children...she looks hungry!"

Me, (Runs Away Crying Hysterically)


Random Stranger, "See Lady McLardass on the treadmill, that ProForm is never gonna be the same."

Me: "Listen crackhead...go talk about someone that is not in the gym busting her rump." {BEAMS WITH PRIDE}

I mean enough is enough, right...I am working my butt off here..(literally)

....then it happened. I came to work completely prepared for the week. I brought everything to work to ward off any possible miss-steps. A package of Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins, Smart Balance Peanut Butter, Different varieties of Yoplait Light (mmmm Cherry Cobbler).

I put everything away. I walk with a co-worker to the cafe to toast my bread and Bitchy McManbutt comes walking by and proclaims as loudly as possible "Did you know that there are lower calorie breads that are better for you and have less fat?"

To which I reply..."I like these." (lame comeback) Now this is not someone who I discuss my weight, or weight loss, or healthy eating with at all. Just some random, run of the mill, 'I eat rubbery chicken breast plain with a lettuce leaf and cucumber water' heifer that needs to mind her own business.

I sit back at my desk and I begin to schmear the PB on the bread. 1 tablespoon in total. We are talking about a total breakfast of 295 calories with the Yogurt. She decides to stop back by and lay into me about the peanut butter to which I reply "It's Smart Balance" she goes on and on about 16g of fat and blah blah blah..." I can only say I am only eating half a serving so it's 8g only 1.5 sat fat, and a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids." Then I look away.

People have said some really cruel stuff about me over the years...mostly they think I can't hear them, but I can.

This was worse than any of it. It was embarrassing in the workplace. It made me ashamed of something I shouldn't have been and it was just down right rude.

She has since apologized and informed me that she has struggled with her weight and she was just trying to be helpful. I have accepted her apology, but it still stings. My point is that I could be twice my size sitting at my desk eating a ROLL of Sausage and washing it down with a Bacon Grease kicker, but I'm not and if I's my decision and it's STILL none of your business and to interject yourself into my life without an invitation is RUDE.

I will lose weight. I will be thin (or thinner) one day, but I am making a promise not to food judge or be a food bully. I've learned the hard way.

Until Later People!


  1. She may have been TRYING to be helpful... but there are better ways to approach being informative than being rude. =/

    I'm glad you're so determined, though. This new, more confident about your journey you is frickin' awesome!! =D

  2. I cannot believe people actually talked to you like that!! Screw them! You're doing great, keep it up!

  3. Christie these ones who have said so many sickening remarks are beneath your dignity and you will overcome a day at at a time

  4. I wonder if that is workplace harassment?? Get her fired! Ok, maybe not, but the thought made you feel better, right?

    Polar's Mom

  5. She needs to mind her own damn business and I would tell her as such.

  6. Opinions are like a@@holes, everyone has one...and she should really keep her to herself. I have never had anyone talk to me like that...some people's kids!

  7. YO! I love this. So spot-on! People just don't know when information can be perceived as unwanted. If she'd approached you on the blog or'd be more acceptable. I hate how people just assume that "they know best" and "their way is better."

    And your breakfast sounded delish (and healthy!).