Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's been quite a week!

I start this off with an apology to my husband. I didn't have faith in him to do something romantic and he tried really hard this year and got me the charm you see in this picture. He gave it to me Valentine's morning and told me that I held the key to his heart..very sweet! I felt completely guilty as this made me feel as close to my "grand gesture" as I thought I would ever get.

I wish that it's 'charm' would have lasted throughout the day, however because after a long day at work, I came home to find that his mood turned sour and I was the enemy. (oh the joys of loving someone with bi-polar disorder) To be completely and frankly honest, It ruined my day and has had massive impact on my week. He has apologized and I have forgiven him, but it was such an odd turn in behavior over a matter of hours that he was sleeping the majority through (he had worked overnight) was a surprise, unexplained and completely directed at me that despite resolving the issue, I am still walking on eggshells. Anywho...this destroyed any semblance of being loved and appreciated that I was feeling earlier in the day. This may sound dramatic, but it almost felt like a cruel joke. can be happy now, but ohhhhhh later is when I'll get ya (life, NOT my husband)

On the food front, I have had a banging week! Today is the first day that I have been over 1500 calories. (1504 to be exact) It has not been hard, it has actually been simple. I haven't felt like I am denying myself anything. I have even had (wait for it) CHOCOLATE! Twice. (They were Hershey's kisses and they were CONTROLLED portions) Needless to say. I am loving the fitbit. Their website is fantastic and the goals in different areas are motivating. The little bugger itself is motivating. I have been walking at work and getting lots of exercise. Seeing exactly how many calories my body is burning everyday keeps me on the straight and narrow and helps me better understand what needs to be done to lose weight.

AND I AM LOSING! I don't want to give it away before weigh-in Monday, but I have crossed a zero!

Komen training still ongoing. My best mile time is now 20:30.

My new goal is to be a more consistent blogger! This week has been hard to fit it in, but if I could figure out a way to be short and sweet that might help :)!


  1. The charm is sooo cute. Keep up the good work you've been doing

  2. That charm is adorable. It's really difficult dealing with someone who has mood swings (me). I wonder how my hubby deals with it.

    WTG with your food and exercise though. You are strong.

  3. well you are lovable, Grandma's don't lie

  4. @Anonymous Grandma ;)
    Thank you! I have a feeling that you're not so anonymous!