Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzards + Boredom = DANG-erous

So...we are just in the beginning stages of a severe mid-western snowstorm. This is day two of no work. (Yesterday was icy, I work almost an hour away from home, insert excuse here) This is ALL ICE, by the way!

One day in and I can tell you that somehow my home is a HOTBED of dietary danger. How did that happen? I am a very careful shopper, especially since I am eating healthy, but the fact of the matter is that I have little children who have a hard time stomaching brussel sprouts. ;) They are actually very good vegetable eaters, but they are kids...so while it is my job to teach them to eat healthy. I think it is also my job to teach them the proper way to incorporate foods they like into their diet. When it comes to "fun foods" I always try to buy the healthiest option (reduced sugar jellies, all natural peanut butter, Sun Chips, wheat thins , etc.)....However despite my shopping on Saturday, the hubby had to do his prep for the "SNOWMAGAEDDON 2011" which of course involved, snack cakes, pizza rolls, chips, TWO MONSTER SIZE ROLLS of cookies. He has a habit of binge eating that would rival the most severe bulimic (this is destined to bite him in the butt, but has yet to have an effect).

Normally, these items are not issues for me. I am not a huge craving person, but I am a huge person, which had to come from somewhere, right? LAZINESS, BOREDOM, and EATING MY FEELINGS.. Right now...I am feeling Bored and Lazy, but otherwise in a good emotional place. I have the treadmill and I need to do my mile today...mainly because I convinced myself not to do it last night. Other than that, though...my basement is no Biggest Loser Ranch and I can not keep myself down there working out all day......waaaaaah!

I guess enough crying...I did take steps to avoid the issue. I woke up early and made a low fat turkey chili so I can definitely avoid pizza rolls. I also instituted an at home eating time schedule...maybe I can find a project to get my mind off boredom eating...wow duh...a project would mean...not bored...too much thinking this morning. I will be back later today for sure, I will check in. OH...WEIGH IN! This morning 291...WTH??? Move on.


  1. I feel you. =/ The ice storm mostly bipassed us last night, which I can't complain about. However, I stepped on the scale this morning, and I've gained so much, it makes me want to seriously go dig a hole and hide in it away from food temptations. Lol.

    But, you'll be fine. =) You've done extremely well so far.

  2. Yes, I am home today, too, and the demons are creeping out of the wood-work. Boredom is tough to combat. Damn snow.

    Polar's Mom

  3. I would go crazy if I had to stay home all day. Your turkey chili sounds delicious though! You should definitely post a recipe for it. This cold weather calls for some good warm (low calorie) comfort food!

  4. MMMMM.. Sunchips... I did give in to the PR's last night. :( And here I've been going around and posting for everyone to just put it behind them and keep on truckin'! Hopefully I will do the same today...