Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

For the FIRST time in my life...I feel like my future hinges on EVERY decision I make.  (Wish that I had taken them more seriously before now)

I tell you all the time about the year my mom was married to a Marvel Comics Supervillain, but here are before and after shots. 
10 years old (150 lbs)

11 years old (75 lbs)

I still can't believe someone could hate this little girl enough to mistreat her.  Yeah...she's a sad little girl who is already lacking self-confidence.  I normally hate this <--- picture. I see ALL the things that are wrong with me, but today I just see a little girl who was given a bad haircut and probably needed a hug.

11th grade (about 175 lbs)

I had to go on a photo journey last night because I want to be prepared in case I need them.  I hope I need them.   I think the most hurtful reaction to any of my own photos was that I thought I have ALWAYS been as overweight as I am now.'s because I can't remember a time when I wasn't.  I have been the same basic clothes size since I got married.  I ran across these two pictures and they are bittersweet.  They show me that yes, I may have been overweight, but at some point in my life I had an opportunity to recognize that I could fix it and I chose to ignore it...why did I do that?

I did love rockin the BIG hair though!  Man do I miss perms and having NO idea about my carbon footprint.  I miss being fun.  I am doubt.  I have been blessed with a comic mind, fantastic timing, and a clever sense of irony.  I sincerely miss the "let's go" attitude.  Whatever you're thinking...I am up for it. to find it!

Elephant Rock,  Ironton, MO  1995


  1. Christie, I really like this book:

    I hope that link works, it's Homecoming by John Bradshaw. I think you would like it too. And (((hugs))) to 10 year old Christie. It's a great picture.

  2. I love your photos.
    Its funny how we never see ourselves as others do. I took a long time to put photos of myself on my blog and would peer at them when complimented trying to see what others saw.
    I'm hoping really HOPING I can be glued to Biggest Loser and say...I knew her....before!
    Isn't even the prospect of the possibility exciting!