Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dinner Date

Day Three...no kids.  Miss them. 

We spent Sunday lettering hubby's work van which is a chore (Have Cricut and Vinyl will travel).  Then I spent the day with my sister, Snoozi.  It was nice because we don't really spend a lot of time together.  She is gonna kill me for this, but her hubby is a jerkface who in my personal opinion has NO redeeming qualities.  Basically, the man needs prayer, lots of it...Clear Your Calendars. 

Sisters are silly.  With all the fighting and arguing...they are your truth.  You can be you with them in ways that you can't with other people.  We can say the most inappropriate things to each other and laugh and laugh.  Laughter is how we have survived our lives.  Survival.

Monday was a little different.  Hubby had some jobs lined up (yay!), but we were able to spend some time together in the morning.  I followed him out the door.  I went to town to get a pedicure and a nail fill.  This was beyond necessary as I hadn't had them filled in almost a month so they were way too long, deformed and two of my acrylic overlays had been missing for over a week.  Depression isn't just an inner thing...it can make you look a hot mess....holla!

After my claws were tamed, hubby and I were going to meet for lunch, but he was still working and had another job lined up so, I did something I have never done before...I went to the movies alone.  I saw Horrible Bosses.  I guess I was missing The Blurf, Biscuits, Hot Dog Neck, and Olive Oyl, Yes my old management team.  This made me thankful for severance.  Neither Hollywood or a big budget could recreate some of the things I lived through with actual Horrible Bosses.  (Insert inane repetitive eye rolling, inappropriate touching, or high pitched "How's it going?" here)  Plus...I worked with four of the most inept, annoying, and decidedly evil people on the planet and for all their bumbling they never ACCIDENTALLY killed each other let alone committed a crime of passion against each other so Hollywood....want a story...CALL ME.

Eventually...I met up with hubby at Outback.  I realized then...I had eaten nothing ALL DAY.  Bad Form, Christie...Bad Form.

Had a sirloin with the world's hardest broccoli EVER.  Spent time together.  Heard "I love you" loud and clear.  Made me think that it might get lost a lot in the sea of little voices.  Glad to have this time with him.  Something has to change and we both know it.  Since before I lost my job...I have been working for him.  I have been working for his dreams since before we got married.  We built the house he wanted, where he wanted.  His business is growing thanks to the SACRIFICE (wish I could make this word BIGGER) and dedication of our entire family.  Let's not forget the grace and goodness of God, because without it...well...I am not going to even peer into that Pandora's Box.   I am tired of being a minion of his pursuits...WE need to find a way to take care of me, so that I can be here to enjoy the fruits of my labor...right? 

 Look at me..questioning my importance  ;)

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