Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chicago Redux

Can you believe twice in one summer?  I sure can't. 

Can you believe someone said "no" to me and I am like "perhaps you were mistaken".  I sure can't.
Today overall was a good day.
I slept in, had words with my mom, worked towards finishing the video.

Came home, grilled, and then worked on getting my little darling geared up for her first day as a first grader.

She is super nervous.  She told me that she is worried that she will forget her teacher's name and then she won't be able to go to the bathroom if she needs too!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA  that made me laugh hysterically behind my concerned eyes and reassuring words.  Then I told her that she could be shy anywhere she wants to, but she is not allowed to be shy in school.  She has to speak up and stand up for herself.  I got the "I know" as she ran off to play caring less about what I have to say.

Autumn was the only one of my kids old enough to be on my video.  She was super concerned that she was going to hurt my feelings when she looked in the camera and said.  I DO NOT like that my mom is fat, because...well, I'm not trying to be mean, but I just DO NOT like it...LOL!!! ( Me neither sweetie, me neither)

Things are moving along swimmingly with regards to my send a fat chick to camp blog.  The response was OVERWHELMING...I got as many hits there today as I normally get in a week over here, but it's new and fun.  No, but lots of love!  Truth is, it's not about people GIVING me money, it's about working for something I want and I think I need. (but if they want to give it to me...I won't turn it

If you haven't had a chance...check it out!  Bright and Early for the first day pics and bus ride.  Until tomorrow, my friends!

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