Wednesday, October 27, 2010

40 Minutes To Go

Today was a long one...

A really good friend of mine from work had her last day today. She is moving towards her dreams and found another job and is off to live the lake life, so while I am sad. I say Congrats! and wish her well, after all I am chasing a dream as well, right?

On top of that, work today was long. We recently moved offices and we had our Grand Opening today/Ribbon Cutting. It was attended by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon...I was truly underwhelmed. Is that wrong?

So after much pomp and circumstance, I went back to work for another hour or so and then onward home. I was dreading it on some level..since it was not a training day, I had made a promise that this week I would really put it on and do the tread mill everyday that I didn't train. My husband was home when I go there so he kept the kids outside so I can hit it right away.

I walk in the door...last time I did 35 minutes and I promised to bump it up 5 more minutes. I turn on the lights in the basement, walk towards the treadmill, turn it on, step on the sides, and speed it up to 2.5mph. (Hey...I'm a big girl and I gotta start somewhere, right?) 40 minutes to go.

10 minutes in...that wasn't so bad.

15 minutes in...are you kidding me...I still have 25 minutes to go.

18 minutes in...Meat Loaf on the iPod...(you took the words right outta my mouth...oh it musta been while you were kissin' me.) Song ends...I got 15 minutes left.

This where it starts. I don't really need to do 40 minutes. I can do 30, why am I pushing myself? I will just burn 125 calories and I will jump off.

WAIT!!! What am I doing? So this is where the craziness starts...I start screaming at myself...DO 2 MORE MINUTES..YOU CAN DO 2 MORE MINUTES!!!! I hit 2 Minutes and then I scream WOO HOO!!! YOU DID IT!!! Then I yelled "JUST FINISH THIS MILE" COME ON! AHHHHHH!

I was getting really verbal, but you know what??? It helped!! I made it through all 40 minutes!

You know what, I saw the Governor, I said good-bye and see you soon to a friend, but most importantly today...I ROCKED MY WORLD!

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  1. Christie, I know it has been awhile since you left the comment on my blog, but I wanted you to know how very grateful I am to you for sharing with me and encouraging me. I feel very hurt and alone right now - your words mean so very much. Thank you :)

    PS: GREAT job on the workout!!!