Friday, October 8, 2010

Unattainable Goal, Surmountable Feat!

Let's face it, I wasn't going to reach that 4 lb goal. Wasn't gonna happen. Last Saturday's emotional eating was gratefully my only food mis-step. I read the post that I made the goal and I realized, I never fully claimed it either. I wanted it to be mine, but I think after reading it now...I was apathetic.

I did get the workout in on Monday, which I am now thankful for because I went to the trainer on Tuesday, but an issue arose in my life this week that shook me on a personal level and well, I learned on Thursday that some days are worse than others. When you actually have what I will classify as my worst day ever, you learn that no inspiration can get you through them. You have to let the situation get around you and if you are survive. What I am trying to say in a very quizzical (?) manner is that I made a fully self aware decision not to go to the gym on Thursday.

I know that I will be okay though...I am dedicated to doing the right thing.

For me, that's to stay on track and keep moving forward.

My home scale shows a 2 pound loss. Next Thursday, a number will go into the official record, today...I am proud that despite my difficulties the remainder of the week, I did not eat my emotions, and I did not lose sight of what is important.

For everyone else on their journey's whatever they may be...keep up the good work and I will as well, with promises to check back in another day with more positive things to say.

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