Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'Glee' Brain

Dedicated to my friend Scott...I suppose I can't help it. I have an affliction and I have lovingly termed it "Glee Brain". I can't go even a second without thinking a song. I know some of you are probably saying to yourselves that you have had conversations with me where I have not belted a single note, but I guarantee that even if you did not hear it, our conversation about the stench in the ladies bathroom...had a Gloria Gaynor background track.

I have always been that way. I am truly a lover of words and, well..words set to music stick with me. While this tends to annoy some and cause a barrage of melody to be stuck in the brains of those around me, it keeps me entertained.

I find it helpful when I am on the treadmill and I have three minutes left to get my head fully involved in a rousing rendition of "Drops of Jupiter" or anything by Wilson Phillips instead of watching the time tick 2:59, 2:58, and so on and so on.

Training has been going well, but the food is on and off. It's like I can be good 2 out of three meals and the one where I am bad...I am bad. I have been under so much personal strain and pressure lately that and I know haven't been completely dedicated to doing the right thing. I try to convince myself that I am still doing better than I was before, but I know that the weight that I have lost comes from the coomplete dedication to succeed. I want to lose more...I will lose more.

I am in the market to buy a treadmill though...any thoughts on good,reasonably priced models?

Then I can burn extra calories and walk my way through every random song I can think of.

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