Monday, October 4, 2010

What Gives You The Right?

Ok...this post is going old school...please sit back and enjoy my commando style rant!

A few posts back I told you about how my friend passed out at work, went all "exorcist" and in my mind anyway, almost died. (She is still doing well by the way) Remember?

Well, this post is should be titled "How Ignorance Breeds Ignorance" or "Give The Bitch A Megaphone She's Bound To Say Something Stupid" (The latter is possibly to long, but whateve).

I have determined that when it comes to weight, people think they can just say whatever they want and it's ok. If you are fat they judge you and can say whatever they want, if you are skinny well then you must be anorexic or bulimic.

As I have been on the path to losing weight, several of my close friends have joined the trail. My friend in the earlier post, she has been on the path longer than I and has got a substantial lead. She began secretly in March of this year. She didn't want to tell anyone because there is the added pressure and other people who always want to throw you under the bus or judge. You know what I am talking about. You are on a diet and someone says "Wow...tater tots...that's some diet."

It became obvious to me that she was doing something, she was looking slimmer and healthier. She finally revealed to me that she had been following Weight Watchers. While WW doesn't work for me, she has been successful at it. She has recently started an exercise program herself and she is now down 38 lbs. Congratulations! I mean, isn't that what you would say? She should be congratulated, losing a significant amount of weight like that is to be commended, right?

Apparently in my office, no. Some people in our office have decided that since she has lost weight and then passed out in the office, it must be because she is starving herself to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. I say people, but I really just mean one ignorant woman and her minions. This master "loud talker" lost a significant amount of "upper body" weight herself few years ago (trust me, she's got junk in the trunk enough to keep the Antique Roadshow in business for quite some time) so she should know how hard it is, right? (I know that was wrong, but I am sooo angry) Funny thing to me is that if she was legitimately concerned she would ask the friends of the person she was concerned about, right? Well, she thought it was more appropriate to question everyone else about it, henceforth starting a rumor that she must have passed out from starving herself.

Congratulations old pal of mine, You have made a tremendous effort, and have successfully shed 38 pounds. In doing so, you have also risen to the cover of the equivalent of our office "OK" magazine. Watch out, Angelina!

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