Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Love Christie

No...this is not my daily affirmation.

It is, however the start to a brand new episode of the reality show that can sometimes be my life. Of course, it's sometimes not suitable for network television, it's one that is purely relegated to VH1, because it can sometimes be a massive trainwreck, but it's my life so whateve.

Today is the episode where they bring back folks from my past. Only I haven't slept with any of these people and there are no deep dark secrets to be revealed, I hope.
Plus, we are meeting at a pizza place for kids so there is no alcohol involved either which is 6 of one and half dozen of the other.

I will be attending a private school reunion. I attended there from 9 years old until 12. After that I moved to a city far, far away from anything I had ever known.

This reunion has been planned, cancelled, planned and now finally it's here. Originally, the very thought of it sent shock waves through me. This is the place. This is where all the majorly pivotal points in my life occurred. This is where I went from a child into adolescence. Where I learned that people can be mean. Where people will judge you by the way you look and where you really only have a few (really a couple) of good friends that will get you through the hard times as you struggle to understand your place in this big crazy world. I went into this school a kid full of possibilities and left it a broken person.

It wasn't so much the fault of the school or the kids that went there, but of all the factors in my life that intertwined so there was no separation. Church became school, school became church, and with the introduction of the stepfather, all things became intertwined with home. I ballooned to 150 lbs by 11 and post step father I dropped to 75(thanks to his patented diet: dry lettuce with lemon fish coupled with emotional and physical abuse). My mother's divorce then culminated in our move to Farmville, USA and I made the rebellious decision that has guided me through the last 23 years to NEVER let anyone tell me what I can or can not eat.

Hopefully, this meeting of old friends and acquaintances will be a turning point for me and the only thing that will be eliminated from this episode is a lot of baggage.

Tune in tomorrow for the episode recap!


  1. I hope your reunion treats you really well! Its strange to look on past things and see exactly what was happening.

  2. I've never heard anybody else use the expression 'six of one and half dozen of the other'. That's so frickin' awesome!!

    Also hoping your reunion goes well and that perhaps it'll put some of your past to rest. Turning point, indeed. =)

  3. You and you alone decides what you think about yourself. You don't need affirmation from anyone else. It will be nice if the reunion goes well, if not you are the same incredibly beautiful woman inside and out,as you were when you went in the room. Your self awareness speaks to the insight, intelligence, strength, beauty and all that is "Christie" I love you too!!!