Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Recap

Like, Fa la la la la, man.
It was a fantabulous holiday!  It was different, but great.  I have talked many times about my expectations always being light years away from the reality of the holiday, but this year, I kept it real and ended up being blown away.

My dad, step mom, niece, and nephew came into town and we were lucky enough to get to spend it with my dad's brother, my Uncle Tom. I don't remember a Christmas spent with my dad since before the age of 8 and I don't know if I have ever spent a Christmas with my Uncle.  

Things were also awkward...the thing with my sister, which appears to have since been resolved, added an additional strain.

My dad had to add in his little rub about me not continuing to write this blog.  He suggested that if I have something to say to someone I should just say it.  I really don't feel likeI do that here.  I am sure that he has never read it, but I learned long ago that even if I had something to say to him, he wouldn't hear it anyway...not that he wouldn't listen...he would.

Things happen...they affect...they are truth.  I don't feel like I stew, I acknowledge.

In the end you have to move on.

As a Christian, I know Christmas to be more than gifts and family get togethers; its a true holy day for us.  Its a time to recognize the gift of Jesus Christ and to remember that he would give his life as a greater gift.

We give gifts in recognition and as a symbol of the gift we were given and this gifts were off the chain...

My husband gave me a brand new notebook computer for school, editing photos, and well writing to all you lovelies.  This was done with the intent of overtaking my old laptop for himself.  Oddly enough...I gave him a netbook that I purchased with severance $$ back in August thinking that he would be able to use it on the road for his business.  Normally, he would never do anything this extravagant so color me surprised. (now what to do with too many computers?)

However, despite my excitement over internet speeds of lightening, he was somehow hurt that I did not shed a tear over his gift, but instead I actually cried when I opened.....wait for very own photo studio from my dad and step mom.

I want to reiterate that material things are not a priority here, but this was major for me.  This was like the thing that I needed that told me...hey, we think you are good at something that you think you are good at too.  This was saying, we not only give you moral support in your photographic endeavors, but we are willing to support it financially (to a point).

That is what brought the tear to my eye.

We were blessed enough this year to realize that we had been accumulating "points" with our bank for years.  Despite our financial situation, we were able to cash them in to purchase gifts for all the kids in our family, so the kids all had a good holiday as well.

I am fighting sleep.  I am worn out. 

My day started by visiting the doc with my oldest for what I was confident was the onset of "pink eye", only to find out that I paid a $70 office visit (no insurance still) to learn in the office that my daughter hit herself in the eye with a Fushigi ball.

It was super hard to get moving this morning as I am still suffering the results of Jillian Michael's 6 pack in 6 week Abs workout.  Everything hurts (including my pinky) except my abs.  Its very difficult to walk.

The bed is calling my name and it is very persuasive.

Until next time, my friends and loyal observers.

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