Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dissecting Cinderelly

As kids, Disney had us by the cajones.  True love will come with but a whisper and a glance, you will suffer trials and tribulations up to the point that you meet someone then everything will be "Happily Ever After", and finally it's a joy to be surrounded by little people. (A model that obviously works for The Learning Channel {TLC})

What does that have to do with the price of rice and beans in Tijuana?  I was just having breakfast this morning and while entrenched in random thought surrounded by everything Disney princess (two girly girls will do that to you) I started wondering if they were good role models for my daughters.  Cinderella allowed herself to be prisoner and slave to her evil step family and eventually it took a rich man (who was kind of a dullard) to save her from all of it.  Why couldn't she save herself?  Walk away and work hard for herself to achieve security and make her own dreams come true, instead of serving at the hands of abusers.  Had she succumbed to the plight of the downtrodden?  Does Cinderella have self esteem issues?  She's a dichotomy, sticking around to be mistreated, yet confident enough to at least consider leaving the house in a dress made by rodents and sparrows.

Crazy, I thought.  How much time can one woman truly spend analyzing and dissecting Cinderella?

If that woman is me?  Plenty. 

Should've been on the treadmill...

Better yet...maybe I should spend this kind of time on myself in general.?

Breakfast: Black Cherry Oikos 130 calories
                Ham and Cheese on whole grain toast 263 calories
               Total: 393 Calories

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  1. OMGosh... do not get me started on what I think of the Disney movies, especially the classics and the message they send to little girls. You mentioned one, well think of any one and the message is the same. Snow White, needed to be saved. Littlest Mermaid, had to choose between her family and her love. She was the one that had to give up everything. Beauty and the Beast, well the message there is no matter how mean or abusive the man is, if you love him enough you will change him and you will live happily ever after... O.k. I will stop. I find it so interesting that almost without exception when I talk to people about this they say that I am overthinking, that kids don't get it, or that isnt the message at all. But something I always say is if they watched the movies once or twice, then yes, maybe they wouldnt 'get it' but how many times do these little girls watch these movies? I have friends whose daughters watched their favorite movies over the course of years hundreds of times...
    FYI I'm glad you're back... I am working on getting back too, thanks for the encouragement.