Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wipe Away The Tears

 Putting on my big girl panties and sucking it up.  Life's too short!  If I can think of anymore cliche's I'll input them here later...LOL

Truth be told, I am doing better than my last post and THIS is super good news because I full on believe that most of my doldrums seem to be stemming from an interpersonal problem that I am having with a close relative rather than from anything that is wrong with me.

You guys AGAIN, have come through for me and provided AWESOME support that I appreciate, but do not deserve. 

Dawn, if you find yourself 'across the pond' and driving in my neck of the very scary woods, I will invite you in and take that hug. 

So enough about all my emotional's what I am doing.


I don't know for what yet, I don't know when, but I have NOTHING else going on, so I am about to go all Spider Monkey on that treadmill.

I bought a new pair of shoes today.  New Balance.  Finally some shoes that ACTUALLY fit my short, wide, Barney Rubbles.  They feel so different.

Whatever I do...I'll rock at it.  Still got the looks from the sales lady though.  Looking at me like she can't believe that I can run at all.  I hate that she made commission off me.  Makes me wish I had a list of people that I plan to send before and after pics to like a big old    EPH U!!!!!!  

AHAHHAHAHAHAHA...I may have to actually keep a list like makes me feel better.

I am back to using the plastic cups with straws (reusable).  My old trainer told me that if you carry a fun cup with a straw, you are more likely to drink more water and stay hydrated in general.  From my past experiences, I believe this as a rule.  I have also put the banishment on S O D A.  I have always been a take it or leave it kinda gal, but I find since I quit smoking that I am apt to latch onto other things in ways I never had before. 

This is all for tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. I have gone through more bottled water than any other drink on this earth over the last few months (on average, about 5-7 16 oz bottles a day)....although I caved today and got me some diet pepsi. I couldn't take it any more ;) And like you need any more blogs, but I have become rather partial to this one:

    Ragen is the bomb-diggity imho :)

    Good job with starting your training up again - I'm hoping to do the MS Walk with Roni here in a few weeks if my school work allows it :)

  2. I know it may sound... uhm... strange? But, I actually LIKE sucking water out of a straw. Guzzling it from a cup just isn't the same. =p I don't know what this says about me, but at least I drink water!

  3. You are on! Wouldn't it be nice! Until then will be here to support, encourage and virtually hug anytime you need!
    This blogging world is so healthy and so good for us. It makes these connections that open doors to knowledge, support and encouragement. I have benefitted HUGELY from this and accept that all my previous diet attempts were failures and this one is working mostly because of my blog and all the wonderful people I have 'met'.
    We will get there!