Friday, September 23, 2011


Remember this post?
Less than a week ago, it retold the story of a group of kids who decided that it was ok to openly make fun of me for being fat.  It tore me up.  I was extremely upset.  It hurt me because it was unexpected, I hadn't done anything or even had interaction with any of these people.  They saw me in a restaurant and zeroed in, they did so without fear.  Isolated incident, I have told myself.  It's not like it happens everyday, right? Not to me anyway, right?  I have to move on and remind myself of who I am and what my journey is, what I intend to have accomplished at the end of my quest.

When I shared that experience with you, I kept thinking about how being overweight puts me in a unique group.  A group of people that generally are acceptable to pick on, make fun of, to openly judge in a questionably humorous fashion.  I was, however, somehow genuinely SHOCKED when I logged into Twitter this morning and saw that #OnlyFatPeople was a trending topic WORLDWIDE. 

The comments ranged from:

#OnlyFatPeople Drink diet sodas with a full course Mc Donalds meal. (ever heard of diabetes?  Thin people get it too and Diet sodas don't have sugar. Also LOTS of thin people do this as well...not just fat people)


#OnlyFatPeople breathe heavy while thinking hard or eating (The guy who left this comment is @TOOfunnyandREAL and had his REAL name listed as Lil Dooky.  Dooky means shit where I come from, go figure.)

Of course some people tried to comment on how disgusting it is to even create the conversation, but of course this has only continues to allow the conversation to trend. 

Stupid to let it have an effect I suppose, but it just feels like NO PLACE is safe. Is this how people become agoraphobic?


  1. That is horrible... What a crock! People are not as nice as we all hope----but helping that hash tag trend is probably going to get them a nice ride on the karma wagon, sooner rather than later. I vote to ignore it---and keep pushing forward! :)

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. Was thinking about you today and hoping life is treating you well x I thought I would pop in and just say Hi xXx