Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Morning, Monday.

You evil heifer. 

I am unemployed and I STILL can not stand Monday.  Monday is the day that I have to look past my sleeping in till 7 am and I am required to get up and make lunch for my first grader, feed her breakfast, be a timekeeper from the time she gets up , then to the bus.  I do not begrudge her any of those things, I am her mom, it is my job and I want to be there to make her feel secure and know that as long as I am here, I will take care of her.  But...I want to sleep.

Monday is ALSO the day that many of us waited over the years to start, re-start, or begin a new phase in our weight loss journeys.  I am no different.

My activity goal today is to get over 10,000 steps.  Doesn't seem likely at this point.  1pm  and I am at 3433.  It's gonna be a push to get close, so we will see.

For breakfast I tried some Naked Protein Zone Smoothie.  Really Delicious Flavor, but gritty.  I hate protein powders for that reason, so I was hoping that would not be the case, but  OH WELL.  It tastes 100000% better than a powder, so  I will keep drinking it.

It's approx 1:30 and I am at about 1100 calories for the day which seems weird since I have only had the smoothie, pb on sandwich thins, a handful of cheez-its, and a banana.  I have done 30 minutes on the recumbent bike.  I enjoyed watching my new Community DVD's while I was pedaling.  Perhaps looking at Joel McHale will give me cause enough to hit the treadmill or the elliptical later on (perk of being unemployed).

I intend on heading to town tonight to stop by the Farmers market for some fresh fruit and veggies then I will either have steamed veggies or admittedly stop by Subway and pick up a quick sandwich.  We'll have to wait and see.

What are you up to today?


  1. Ugh to gritty powdered drinks. Ugh. I can't stand 'em. There's gotta be a way to maybe break it up a bit better in the mixing process. Maybe?

  2. I'm curious...what did you end up doing for dinner? A week ago before I started Nutrisystem and I was in your boat --having eaten a decent amount of food prior to dinner but mentally telling myself I would just eat a healthy vege dinner and it would be nbd. But, usually once dinner came around, I was either super hungry because I had digested the food from earlier in the day and now needed to fill that void in my stomach, OR I might have still been full but eaten anyways because I already ate too much that day. It's great that you are writing everything down that you eat. I'm working on that now and it's helping me focus and feel in control.