Friday, September 23, 2011

Mrs. Mowry Goes Shopping

photo by Mr. Scott

Went on a Field Trip yesterday!  Super exciting. 
I took my first trip to Whole Foods Market! I was so impressed I am almost embarrassed by it.  The produce section was bright and beautiful like something out of Willie Wonka (diabetic version).  I loved it so much...I went back again today.  I would love to sit in the floor and write poetry all day. ( I wish I was kidding.) 

The nearest one to me is 42 miles away.  I know what you are thinking, but the nearest ANYTHING to me is 28 miles away!  It started with a lunch invitation from one of my besties (Mr. Scott), a random Facebook post, and an agreement to show me the Whole Foods ropes.

Being a SuperFAN of Top Chef (and VARIOUS other reality television) The hubster provided strict warning that the little voice in my head telling me "You have 30 minutes to shop and a budget of $200" was only me and that NONE of my money is furnished by Buitoni.  (but your three cheese tortellini is fabu and I would be willing to accept ANY amount of cash for saying so)

I found coconut water (which will keep y'all regular without the use of laxatives...or so I've heard ) and all the coconut milk ice cream I have been unsuccessful in finding here in Hickville.  I have an embarrassing issues with hot tea. I took a picture of 15 different flavors that can be found in my pantry, but Blogger won't accept it.  (Some things should stay secret)  Whole Foods has an entire tea AISLE.  LOVE IT (all sing songy).  I think I am going to pitch a new reality show where I sneak into Whole Foods at night (a la Where The Heart Is ),  live and eat there.  I'll hide a Foreman Grill in there somewhere and block myself from the Bakery and the desserts.  Maybe that is a bad idea...after all I would probably just GAIN weight (which I've heard is counter-productive)

On the info front..I have been steadily increasing my steps, eating healthier...steps in the right direction.

Love Whole Foods too?  What do you love about it?  What is a must try?


  1. Must read up about coconut water!
    Sounds very familiar!

  2. Did you pick up that amazing breakfast sausage?