Saturday, September 10, 2011

No Scales Were Harmed In The Making Of This Blog

That's probably not entirely true, but none have been harmed in the recent past.

Not avoiding you, I have been without Internet. AT&T has ruined my Internet life for the past few days. I was so aggravated with fixing everything they directed me to screw up, I thought I would NEVER want to look at a computer again.

Here I am though.

No weight loss.  Admittedly any progress was thwarted by a Labor Day four layer dessert and an odd penchant for taking naps this week.  I have felt like I have NEEDED tons of sleep.  Concerned with it a bit, but it may just be the weather, so I am hanging in, hanging out, trying to be cool, and hoping that it will work itself out.

Still no job.

Re-vamped the basement gym.  Bought a clearance elliptical, set it up next to my treadmill with a TV and a new love for Redbox.  There is now, no reason to get a gym membership.  The only things missing now are the drive and the motivation. 

Not much else to say, been hanging out on twitter A LOT lately.  Wanna chat?  @lifeinblubber

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  1. OK I'm coming out to workout with you one day a week you should come out and workout Sue style one day a week