Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend Update with Christie

Good News First!!! Down 4 lbs. Admittedly only minor dieting this week, but with the exception of a major KFC downfall, I have tried to be a good girl. I still had a couple of burgers in the work cafe this week which makes me think that I may have to make a strong effort to avoid the location altogether. I have been going there for a long time for companionship with the ladies at work, but I could bring my lunch everyday and potentially eat there anyway because some awful concoction I would never make at home is calling my name. I just made myself a little sick saying that..mainly because I was imagining a country fried steak covered in white gravy romantically asking me to come hither. I realize that was a nasty thing to share, but...I'm a giver.

On to my new Shape-Ups. Skecher Shape ups!!!! Get some. They are AWESOME!!!! I love them. They have specific instructions that come with them and as with anything else I refuse to follow them. They advise that for the first two weeks you should not wear them for more than 30-45 minutes at a time. I bought them on Friday and went for an all day shopping trip with my mom on Saturday. (I brought extra shoes in case I NEEDED to change them) I never changed my shoes. I kept them on the entire day. I would get a twinge of strain in my legs from time to time, but I gave myself the Jillian Michaels "You're not gonna die" speech and...I did not die. I was out from about 8am til about 7pm and I came home and felt fine. I took them off and sat down and within an hour....I hit the wall at 60 mph. My legs felt fine, but my entire upper body ached. Everyone thought I was crazy. I have continued to wear them as much as possible. They really force you to stand in corrected posture and they are so easy on my joints, however...I have only had them for a week, but for now...I am a believer.

My dad was here and left on Wednesday. It was great to see him, even though I barely spoke to him. It wasn't like a conscious effort. It was just with everyone here and him working, I only had time to give him trouble about his desire to grow a ponytail. This blog is not about middle aged men and their hair, so I will leave at a strong threat to put him in a home and give him a side pony. My stepmom was fantastic and I think she had a really great time bonding with the kids and I know they missed them when they left. She also brought my niece with them from Nevada, which was nice. Trinity is a very sweet little girl and she and Autumn got along wonderfully.

It was a pretty eventful week with family here, but with the exception at the hands of the Colonel and those damn burgers in the cafe, it's been a good food week. I have struggled with my brain telling me that I can treat myself to a cupcake. I was so close to buying it, but it's a slippery slope my friends. This is one area that is really hard for me because I make notoriously poor food choices.

I have so much more to say about this week, but no time left to do it in right now, so I will end here and I promise to write more later today or tomorrow in regards to my food revelation and my possible search for a personal trainer.

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