Friday, August 14, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

Here's a poem I wrote a few months ago:

In the quiet of the morning, I finally awake.
A smile on my face, but you know it’s fake.
I feed the kids, then off to work.
I hate my boss he’s such a jerk.
Get to my job. Guess what? I’m late.
I’m way too tired to concentrate.
My boss doesn’t see where I’m coming from.
Will 3:30 ever come?
Time has come, I’m out the door.
Trip over my feet and smack the floor.
“How much of this can one girl take”?
I think as my head begins to ache.
I pick up the kids and head on home.
Husband’s late and I’m alone.
I clean all night, put kids to bed
And take two Tylenol for my head.
This life sucks and that’s a fact.
I’ll take a minute, just to relax.
“ At any moment I could just scream”
I think as I begin to dream.
I dream I have a different life
And in it I’m a rich man’s wife.
He’s successful and he’s handsome too
And buys me lots of expensive shoes.
He’s very well known throughout the world
And we also have a little girl
Of course, you know that I’m no fool,
Right now she’s off in boarding school.
I shop all day and go out for brunch.
I’ve lots of friends with which I munch.
At the end of th day, I go back home
Funny thing, I’m still alone.
Husband’s gone, we do not talk
I go outside to take a walk.
I come back in, I hear the phone.
My husband, he’s not coming home.
He’s sorry, but he missed his flight.
I feel that something’s just not right.
So angry that I pace the floor
Until there’s knocking at the door.
I answer it, who could it be?
Someone I thought I’d never see,
My husband’s mistress with a knife.
Damn it, Now I hate this life!
“I’m dying now, because of greed”
I’m thinking as I start to bleed.
I remember that it’s just a dream
As my husband tries to waken me.
He kisses me and then I’m led
To kiss my babies on their heads.
He tells me “Honey, I love you
And appreciate all that you do.”
I walk away and thank the Lord
For all the things I CAN afford
And all the things he’s given me
Like my very precious family.
Tomorrow when I’m feeling stressed.
I’ll know that I ‘ve been truly blessed.

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